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Hillary To Accept Secretary of State Job: Fact or Fiction?

by on November 18, 2008

It has been long enough since the Guardian’s story claiming Hillary Clinton will accept an offer from Comrade Obama to be secretary of state that one would think a definitive confirmation (or denial) by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or both would have occured or publicly scheduled by now.

As of this post, I haven’t seen any American media reporting the job offer being made and/or accepted either — which seads me to believe that the Guardian’s story is based on unconfirmed rumors.

I, for one, remain skeptical. The political benefits for Hillary of staying in the Senate far outweigh the benefits of accepting the job as secretary of state.

This very well could be a rumor started by the Clinton inner circle to arouse displeasure amongst former Clinton supporters who still harbor a muted grudge against Obama for not only winning the nomination, but for not choosing (or even vetting) Hillary as a running mate.

I won’t believe the story until either Comrade Obama or Hillary confirm it.

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