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Governor Paterson To Rob Us Blind

by on December 15, 2008

I thought the worst was behind me when I left Massachusetts… but apparently New York is just as bad, if not worse, than the Bay State when it comes finding new ways to rob taxpayer. As I reported earlier, Governor Paterson wants to start collecting taxes on tobacco products sold on Indian reservations… well he also other ideas to close the budget gap… including new taxes on clothing, gasoline. and a so-called “obesity” tax on non-diet soda.

Adding insult to injury, Paterson is increasing welfare grants and making it easier for people to get on welfare.

While taxpayers will struggle with a bigger tax burden, people on welfare will get more money they didn’t earn.

And then there’s this bogus “obesity” tax on non-diet soda. I am sorry but why is the government trying tell us what we eat and drink? This is what Big Brother is all about.

  1. Rob us blind? Poor choice of words, mayhaps?

  2. TheRover permalink

    Patterson simply “can’t see” the harm de does to the upstate economy, as is the case of every New York democrat.

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