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Governor Paterson's Laundry List of New Taxes and Fees

by on December 16, 2008
So, not only is Governor Paterson increasing welfare grants for those who don’t pay taxes… he is financially raping those of us who do.
  • An “iPod tax” that charges state and local sales tax for “digitally delivered entertainment services” – in other words, that new Beyonce song you download.
  • State sales tax at movie theaters, sporting events, taxis, buses, limousines and cable and satellite TV and radio.
  • Costlier driving with the repeal of the 8-cents-per-gallon sales tax cap on motor and diesel motor fuel, plus and increase in the auto rental tax.
  • Tuition increases at SUNY and CUNY, $620 and $600 a year respectively.
  • A 50 cent tax on cigars. The current tax is equal to 37% of the wholesale price, or 34 cents a cigar.
  • No more sales tax break on clothes and shoes worth $110 or less, except during two weeks a year.
  • Higher taxes on wine, beer and flavored malt beverages. He would also impose an 18% tax on non-nutritional drinks like soda.
  • The rich would pay more for luxury items through an additional 5% tax imposed on cars costing more than $60,000, aircraft costing more than $500,000, yachts costing at least $200,000 and jewelry and furs costing in excess of $20,000.
  • In addition, a host of a fees, including those related to motor vehicle licensing and registration, parks and auto insurance, would go up, as would various state-imposed fines.
I guess the good thing about this is that when it comes time for him to run for reelection he may drive the voters to beet him out of office.
  1. buffaloshark permalink

    and the tax payers get reamed again

  2. Just shows you can’t trust a liberal, even when they’re talking like a true fiscal conservative. Paterson should have heeded his own advice and took a hacksaw to our bloated state workforce or used zero-line budgeting for state agencies. Instead he makes a bit of a reduction there, holds the line there, and utilizes some smoke and mirrors to maintain enough funding to the unions and interest groups to keep them happy. Nothing changes.


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