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Caroline Kennedy Fumbles

by on December 29, 2008

As if Caroline Kennedy’s sense of entitlement wasn’t already apparent, now she says that if she isn’t handed the seat on a silver platter she doesn’t want it at all.

Made a little more news on NY1 tonight, telling host Dominic Carter that she finally spoke to Hillary Clinton — who didn’t initially take her call — and that, if she’s not selected, she won’t run for the seat.

“We did have a very nice, you know, conversation, and obviously I’m not gonna talk about that, except to say that she said this was the greatest job that she’d ever had and could imagine having,” Kennedy said. “So, she was very encouraging, and that was, you know, that was nice because she’s a huge inspiration of mine.”

She was also asked if she’d run in 2010 if not selected.

“Well, if he doesn’t select me, I would support the person that he does select,” she said.

There’s a cop out if I have ever seen one. Pretty much anyone who gets selected will get a primary challenge in 2010. If she really cared about serving in the Senate she’d be willing to run for the seat in 2010… She was particularly insulting when she claimed that because of her name she would have to work harder if appointed. that is ironic since her name, and her name alone makes her a contender for the seat, which she doesn’t want to run a real campaign for.

Of course, the longer this is drawn out, the less her chances of getting appointed appear to be. She has been fumbling in the worst possible ways, and the potential blowback for Governor Paterson, combined with his ridiculous tax increases, would make him incredibly vulnerable when he goes up for reelection.

One Comment
  1. If she’s selected she’ll do the same thing Hillary did, spend all her time in other states campaigning and raising money for other democrats and or the DNC general fund.

    At least Caroline has been a resident of NYS for years, unlike hillary who moved here right before the election.

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