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A Patriot Says Goodbye To The Nation

by on January 15, 2009

Embedded video from CNN Video

God bless George W. Bush. A true patriot and leader.

  1. Andy permalink

    Patriot wasn’t the word that was coming to mind. Another word ending in “iot” seems appropriate. Starts with “id.”

  2. Bush wasn’t an idiot.

    Bush knew exactly what he was doing. What I think is an appropriate roundup of Bush’s failings is shown right here.

    The man who billed himself as the CEO President proved himself to be a very poor manager, and someone who thought with his gut rather than his brain.

  3. Bush wasn’t an idiot. Another thing he wasn’t was a patriot. Anyone who strips fundamental, inalienable rights from Americans is not a patriot. He does not support the constitution and is an embarassment at home and abroad, but he is not, in fact, an idiot. The caveat being, he makes fairly idiotic (and despotic) decisions.

  4. Restaino permalink

    Wow!! a patriot…hmmm
    Dick Cheney is also Thomas Jefferson
    Thanks for the laughs!!

  5. i guess I should have expected such silliness from left wing kooks

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