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Governor Paterson and Aides Charged Taxpayers Nearly $20K For Inaugural Visit

by on February 14, 2009

Even as Governor Paterson was warning New Yorkers about the bleak fiscal situation the state is in, that didn’t stop him from going ultra extravagent when he went to Washington D.C. for the Inauguration…

at our expense:

Gov. David Paterson and three aides billed New York taxpayers $19,350 for their four-night stay at an upscale Washington D.C. hotel for the presidential inauguration, despite the governor’s repeated warnings about the state’s fiscal troubles.

Paterson and three top aides stayed at the luxury AKA White House hotel two blocks from the White House during the inauguration, with the governor billing taxpayers an average of $1,280 a night, according to records of state-issued credit-card expenses.

In total, taxpayers were charged about $4,800 a night for the hotel stays of Paterson, chief of staff Charlotte Hitchcock, special assistant David Johnson and secretary William Cunningham, records obtained from the state Comptroller’s Office show. Paterson’s bill was $5,123 for the four nights.

  1. Governor Patterson is a joke. He’s an inexperienced “fill in” Governor and nothing more. The soda tax is ridiculous and his appearance at the flight 3407 press conference last week was an embarrassment.
    Furthermore he sealed his fate in his own party by dissing both the Kennedy’s and the Cuomo’s liberal GIANTS in NY Politiics in this recent Senate appointment fiasco. I cannot possibly believe he will seek election on his own merit.
    Enough liberal politics in New York. Listen closely and you can hear the chant for our next Governor…….Rudy….Rudy….Rudy…

  2. I was appalled by the appearance at the 3407 press conference. He was looking for the camera time and going for the sound bite, that’s about it. It didn’t happen this time like in his “Miracle On The Hudson” headline. Apparently he did not fully realize that emergency personnel in such a small community had better things to do than run yet another perimeter of security for him.

    The Soda Tax?? Don’t get me started. Will mother’s milk be next?

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