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by on February 24, 2009

As planned, I am off to Washington DC for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I’ll be posting updates via Twitter here and here.

I have a pretty packed schedule of seminars and meetings, and I hope to meet up with Rep. Chris Lee while I am down there.

UPDATE: Rep. Chris Lee released the following comments regarding Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress:

“I appreciated President Obama for his remarks tonight during this great economic crisis. The fact that consumers and investors have not responded positively to the stimulus plan demonstrates that we can’t just spend our way to prosperity. What we need is a responsible, well-thought out plan to create jobs and promote economic recovery. Hopefully the President’s speech tonight was the first step in that process.

“And while I applaud the President’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, I am concerned that Washington politicians in Congress still have not gotten the message. The Congress is about to consider another massive spending bill that in many cases simply duplicates the spending in the stimulus measure. When the President says one thing and the Congress does another, it sends the kind of mixed messages that breed uncertainty among the public.

“A return to fiscal discipline will require a sustained commitment from both parties, and I am committed to working with President Obama to make it happen. My hope is that bipartisan progress on this fundamental challenge will pave the way for action on other pressing national priorities, including foreclosure relief, energy independence, and health care reform.”


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