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The Buffalo Bean on WBEN

by on March 27, 2009

This morning you may have heard Buffalo Pundit and myself on WBEN offer some thoughts on Obama’s ongoing media blitz…. from his constant interviews, his appearance on jay Leno, and his “online” town hall event.

Seeing as how the interviews were prerecorded, there were some things said that didn’t make the final cut for the package. So, as I blogger, I enjoy the opportunity to talk about and expand upon those points here.

I made a few different points during the pre-recorded interview. My first point was that Obama appears more concerned with his celebrity than with governing. This is quite obvious given his need to runaway from Washington, DC in order to do unnecessary interviews with what he knows will be friendly audiences.

For someone who keeps exaggerating the gravity of the situation he and his administration have to deal with, his constant running to TV cameras (in and out of Washington) is clearly meant to serve him and his ego, as he is not doing the job he was elected to when he is sitting in Jay Leno’s guest chair, or mhen he’s giving gratuitous press conferences.

I noted that Reagan was seen as the Great Communicator, but there are huge differences between him and Obama.

Reagan wasn’t just a guy who sounded good giving a speech. He was a genuine leader. Obama, without his teleprompter, sounds more a second grader trying to remember his lines for a class skit. He is hardly the great communicator Reagan was. If the political left is trying to look for their own Reagan-esque communicator, then I think a stronger comparison can be made with Bill Clinton, who didn’t need a teleprompter or a prepared speech in order to deliver his message effectively.

And the other difference between Reagan and Obama is that Obama clearly doesn’t know how to lead. Reagan’s communications skills were backed by strong leadership skills and governing ability. Obama is no leader. He’s been fumbling his way through his first 60} days in a way that doesn’t beget respect from world.

Communication is certainly important… but Obama is clearly overdoing it because he knows that, when scripted, that’s his strong point. But, I also think that if his policies were better, he wouldn’t have to focus so much on communicating. Obama may still be in his honeymoon period, so he probably shouldn’t need be out stumping for policies as much as he is. His policies, which, allegedly a majority of people voted in support of back in November, should speak for themselves.

George W. Bush was not the most effective communicator, but the policies he advocated were still able to enjoy bipartisan support. That is largely due to the fact that unlike Obama, Bush actually did reach out across the aisle to work on legislation. It is not enough to have communication skills without leadership and governing ability. Reagan had all those qualities. Bush lacked the communicaton skills. Obama can read a speech.

As for the “online” town hall… I said it was a gimmick, which is fine. We should expect presidents to take advantage of new technologies. But, the online town hall, as a gimmick, didn’t impress me. Neither the CNN/YouTube debates during the presidential campaign.


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. For those that compare Obama to Reagan…give me a break! In 1980 Reagan inherited an economy that was arguably worse than what Obama inherited and rather than revise history, create doomsday scenarios and constantly blame his predecessor, Reagan did two things. He inspired…and he led. First Obama was being compared to Lincoln, then there was a brief comparison to Kennedy and now he’s being compared by some to Reagan. I think the real question is “Who is Barack Obama?” Perhaps if the adoring liberal media would have asked the tough questions and vetted him thouroughly during the two and a half years he was running for President the American public would really know who he is. He is an excellent speaker when put in front of a teleprompter….and a friendly audience. I find it interesting how he bristles (note Ed Henry question during recent press conference) when he is faced with even a remotely tough question that doesn’t go according to the script. I’m already sick of the “he speaks so well” and the “at least he speaks better than Bush” comments. I keep urging those people to stop focusing on HOW he speaks…and start listening to what he is actually saying.

  2. I think you are being far too kind with regards to Obama. I believe the reason he is constantly on TV is because he is lying and leading American quickly down the path to socialism and diluting our sovereignty. He is using his “celebrity status” to con the American public.

  3. Andy permalink

    Bean said: “Reagan wasn’t just a guy who sounded good giving a speech. He was a genuine leader. Obama, without his teleprompter, sounds more a second grader trying to remember his lines for a class skit.”

    Is this a farging joke? Obama’s the one in the skit? Are you kidding? Reagan was indeed a great communicator, but was completely out to lunch and was directed by Meese, Baker and Deaver. Obama is a completely different type of leader.

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