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Rudy 2010: A New Hope For New York

by on April 17, 2009

Rudy Giuliani may not have been my pick for the GOP presidential nomination, but I have to say that the prospect of him running for governor of New York really excites me. One party rule has taken an already dysfunctional state government and made significantly worse. David Paterson, thrust into a job he didn’t run for and clearly wasn’t prepared for, doesn’t have the leadership, nor the political capital to be effective anymore. His current crusade to bring gay marriage to the state is just a meaningless distraction, likely to die in the senate. So, the idea of having someone of Rudy Giuliani’s caliber leading the state should excite all New Yorkers. I’d put his record as mayor of New York City up against the record of Paterson, or any other Democrat that may end up running. But, the ultimate question right now is “will he run?” Well, it sounds like he is seriously thinking about it .

Rumored 2010 gubernatorial candidate Rudy Giuliani last night told a crowd of GOP heavyweights the state is heading in the “wrong direction” and called Gov. Paterson’s $132 billion budget “irrational.” “I governed New York City in very bad times and very good times,” the former mayor told the New York Republican State Committee Annual Dinner. “I decreased spending — didn’t increase it — by 3 percent . . . and I decreased taxes.” He heaped praise on GOP lawmakers who voted against Paterson’s budget. “In a time like this . . . how we could possibly have thought that by increasing spending by 9 percent would help really indicates how this state is being run in exactly the wrong direction,” he said.

This could be Rudy’s best opportunity. People are fed up with how things are being run in this state, and Rudy, out of all the potential candidates on both sides af the aisle, is the best hope we got to bring positive change to the state.

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  1. We can only hope that Giuliani decides to run. In my opinion he is the one Republican that has a legitimate shot at knocking off a candidate like Andrew Cuomo who is almost a sure thing to represent the Democrats. While Rick Lazio is also a legitimate contender Giuliani gives Republicans a genuine heavyweight with star power. His tough no nonsense approach to governing is just what this dysfuntional over taxed state needs. I’ve been saying for months the mantra of every New Yorker should be “Run Rudy, run……..

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