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How Long Before Paterson Announces He Won't Run?

by on April 27, 2009

Everyone is jumping off the sinking Paterson ship and playing the blame game… Something tell me that Governor Paterson probably won’t end up running for a full term. The gay marriage distraction certainly isn’t going to same him, and I doubt he has any other tricks up his sleeve to regain his party’s favor in time.

  1. He announced last week. His campaign site is up. It was tweeted about on the 24th.

  2. That doesn’t mean anything. He has been in campaign mode for a while now… Paterson still believes he can save his political career (Which is certainly possible, but considering how low his numbers are, and the fact that he is likely to be the scapegoat for all the state’s problems between now and the election, I doubt he can effectively turn things around in time) so right now is a good time for him to establish himself as THE candidate, and hope that he can count on the party base for support.

    For now, he’s obviously gonna go forward with campaign plans. That’s expected. He wants the party to support him now, so he needs to act confident of his chances now…

    Even the NYT suggested that is what the website is all about.

    The goal is to reignite enthusiasm for Mr. Paterson, mount a strong defense of his record and fend off suggestions from worried party leaders that he step aside next year and allow Mr. Cuomo to head the ticket.

    The llaunching of the website certainly hasn’t quelled the idea that he may eventually dropout.

    If the state party feels at some point that they can’t win with Paterson, they’ll force him out one way or another. It happened in New Jersey with Torricelli. If he isn’t forced out, he may chose not to go through an embarrassing defeat and bow out “for the sake of the party.” These days, anything can happen… Paterson hasn’t earned the loyalty of his party and if he can’t get their support, he’d probably be better off abandoning his campaign than fighting a lost cause.

  3. 1. That’s a lot of words to use to say – oh, yeah. I didn’t see that.

    2. What office-holder isn’t in perpetual campaign mode? Usually the one that ends up losing next time around.

    3. Cuomo will probably be the Democratic Gubernatorial nominee and, therefore, the next Governor.

    4. I would prefer Suozzi at this point.

    5. Your post wonders when Paterson will announce he won’t run. The answer is – he’s running. He may someday withdraw from the race, but that wasn’t what you wrote in your post.

  4. 1. Actually, I’d already seen his new site. I’m not convinced he’s in for the long haul if the party wants to yank him.
    2. There is clearly a specific effort right now to revive Paterson’s viability. His new campaign site being part of that strategy. All for show.
    3. Probably right. Unfortunately.
    4. If Rudy runs, he’s my man.
    5. You love blathering over semantics… it just makes you look petty and unable to debate facts. If he leaves far enough before the campaign season really starts he can effectively be choosing not to run before the campaign really began, as opposed to withdrawing from a race.

    I wanted to like Paterson. He took office just when I moved to New York… but he has been just one fail after another. If we’re doomed to have a Democrat governor, I’d sooner have Paterson than Cuomo. But, not counting on that to happen at this point.

  5. It’s not semantics, and it’s not blathering. It’s the English language you’re writing in. If you can’t write what you mean, what’s the point?

  6. Pundit as for item #3 in Post #3 not so fast…while I agree Cuomo will probably be the Democratic nominee he’s not a shoe in for Governor. He’ll be the favorite if Lazio is the Republican nominee but all bets are off if Giuliani decides to run. By election time even most Democrats will be sick of the over taxed dysfunction that is known as New York State.
    I’m betting (and hoping) Giuliani runs….and wins in 2010.

  7. Giuliani is such old news, and I’d reckon he’s somewhat damaged goods at this point.

    If I was advising the Republicans in this state, I’d encourage them to get someone who hasn’t been a career politician, someone who has worked in the private sector, someone who has dealt and been frustrated directly by onerous Albany regulations, laws, or taxes, and someone kind of like Chris Collins, but less of a complete dick.

    I don’t know who that person is, but he might be out there. If he adopted a non-partisan reform agenda as set forth by the Brennan Center’s recommendations, for instance, he/she could really make some headway.

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