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Dennis Delano Announces Retirement From Buffalo Police Department

by on May 6, 2009

After being found guilty yesterday of violating police department rules, Dennis Delano today announced his retirement from the Buffalo Police Department.

News 4 has confirmed that Dennis Delano has announced his retirement from the Buffalo Police Department. News 4 will have more on this story on News 4 at 5 and 6 and on

The 24 year police veteran was found guilty of insubordination by a hearing officer after giving the media video evidence of the scene where the body of Lynn DeJac’s daughter was discovered.

Delano also ignored orders by Buffalo Police top brass to stop talking to the media about the DeJac case.

Delano’s attorney Steve Cohen told reporters Tuesday Delano was upset with the hearing officers’ recommendations, although they did not include termination of employment. Delano would be suspended without pay for 60 days should Buffalo Police Commissioner McCarthy Gipson go along with the recommendations. Should Delano announce that he is retiring his health and pension benefits would be protected.

Senior Correspondent Newberg has also learned that Delano would choose not to attend a final hearing Friday morning which would’ve given him one last opportunity to speak before the police commissioner makes a final determination on a punishment.

This is too bad, the police department could use more like him. Perhaps he will have another go at running for office.

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