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The Buffalo Bean Interviews Dennis Delano

by on May 6, 2009

The Buffalo Bean was fortunate enough to ask Dennis Delano a few brief questions about his being found guilty of insubordination by a hearing officer yesterday, and his retirement announcement today:

THE BUFFALO BEAN: Your attorney noted how offended you were that you were even prosecuted for your actions, but were you expecting to be found guilty?

DENNIS DELANO: Absolutely not, but I did tell everyone that “if the hearing officer was going to really be fair and impartial, that I would be exonerated of all charges, and if he wasn’t, then there was nothing that I could do about it.” Anyone that attended the hearing knew that the city had no case!!! 

THE BUFFALO BEAN: Your decision to retire was obviously a difficult one. How did you reach that decision?

DENNIS DELANO: It was extremely difficult, but I knew in the back of my mind, that I would not be able to return to work after the way that I was treated by this administration. They made up most of the charges, and it boggles my mind that they could keep me out of the game for over a year on this, even if it was true, which it was not even close to being so.

THE BUFFALO BEAN: Commissioner Gipson said that orders must be followed in the police department. What is your response to that?

DENNIS DELANO: He is absolutely correct, the problem comes in when the orders are “selectively enforced”, thereby creating a “grey area.” It is usually created by “incompetent” administrators. Another problem arises when the “boss” is caught breaking actual laws, and not held accountable for his actions, it creates “hypocrisy!”

THE BUFFALO BEAN: Do feel this verdict sends a bad message to other detectives in the department?

DENNIS DELANO: Yes, they will be reluctant to “stand up” against the administration for fear of reprisal.

THE BUFFALO BEAN: Do you have any confidence in the Buffalo Police Department anymore to serve and protect the community?

DENNIS DELANO: Yes, there are extremely competent officers in the department, it is only a few at the very top that are incapable of doing the job.

THE BUFFALO BEAN: Should the community have any confidence in the leadership in the department?

DENNIS DELANO: Supervisors, yes. Administrators, no.

THE BUFFALO BEAN: So, what is next for Dennis Delano? Private practice? Are you considering another run for office?

DENNIS DELANO: Not a clue, all options are open, including politics!

The Buffalo Bean thanks Mr. Delano for taking the time to answer these question and wish him the best of luck.

This interview was conducted via email May 6, 2009. 


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One Comment
  1. Cheryl Jones permalink

    What a terrible loss for the citizens, especially the innocents languishing in prison for crimes they did not commit. Dennis Delano is a hero. He exposed the lies of the District Attorney and they retaliated against him. Why haven’t they gone after the DA after he tried to cover up that they not only put an innocent woman in prison based on the testimony of the real murderer, but gave the real murderer immunity from prosecution? The DA first tried to say that a little 13-year murdered girl had “consensual” sex with the murderer in order to explain the DNA in her body, then changed the autopsy report to say the little girl died of a cocaine overdose. This is a little girl, an honor roll student, who had stuffed animals and a little mermaid bedspread. And the video of the crime scene showed the nightstand overturned and the room in disarray.
    You sick, sick creeps.

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