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The Buffalo Bean Twitter Recommendations, Part 1

by on May 11, 2009

In addition to the list of worthy local blogs in the blogroll to your right, for those of you on Twitter, I thought I would post a list of some local Republicans/conservatives that you ought to follow:

@eriecountyexec – Erie County Executive, Chris Collins.
@SouthBfloGOP –  South Buffalo, NY Republican Committee
@NiagaraCoGOP – Niagara County GOP
@HenryWojtaszek – Chairman of Niagara County Republican Committee, Henry Wojtaszek
@chrislee_ny26 –  Congressman for New York’s 26th District, Chris Lee
@mcnernet – Chairwoman of the Buffalo South District Republican Committee, Tracey McNerney
@SenatorYoung – State Senator, 57th District, Catherine Young
@senatormaziarz – State Senator, 62 District, George Maziarz (note: updates protected)
@EricFlorack – Blogger, Eric Florack (Rochester)
@roaring_repub – Blogger, Jeff Commaroto (Rochester)
@thebuffalobean – of course!

I’ll post more local Twitterer recommendations in the future, for now, enjoy these.

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