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A Federal Soda Tax?

by on May 12, 2009

It wasn’t that long ago that Governor Paterson’s soda tax plan was axed… it was never popular and was considered by some to be a sacrificial lamb in the budget debate. 

So, one has wonder why, Congress would consider a federal soda tax to pay for Obama’s universal/socialized healthcare plan.

A poll from earlier this year found that 70% of Americans 70% of Americans oppose a tax increase on soda. So, I am sure a federal soda tax isn’t going to pass easily… but, I am sure they find other ways to raise our taxes to pay for this ridiculous health care plan.


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  1. Jeff permalink

    But Obama said he would cut taxes for 95% of people…. we still havn’t learned to read between the lines. LMAO

    But alas, that will be minuscule comparison to the increases in taxes elseware. See u back in the 30’s economy. The change u asked for we will all receive.

  2. Aren’t you conservatives always the ones supporting “user fees,” those we-can’t-call-it-a-tax taxes? A small tax on soda seems perfectly logical. There’s nothing in it that’s good for you, and a lot that’s bad. Like cigarettes — make a habit of it and it may shorten your life with an unpleasant disease. Those diseases burden the health care system. Sin taxes serve the dual purpose of discouraging use of something bad for you and funding the health care systems to treat those that overindulge. Really can’t see anything to object to. And I would think it would be something conservatives could get next to — it’s a tax you get to choose to pay or not.

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