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Letter From Jay Anderson To Amherst Residents

by on May 12, 2009

The Buffalo Bean has received a letter from Jay Anderson, candidate for Amherst Town Board, to the residents of Amherst.

Dear Amherst residents:

I wish to thank the Amherst Republican Committee for their vote of confidence in nominating me as one of their candidates for the Amherst Town Board. I am deeply honored. I pledge to all Amherst residents to run an honest and issue oriented campaign.

I am also seeking the Conservative and Independence Party endorsements. My philosophy is to represent the taxpayers with diligence and dedication to eliminate government interference in our private lives and to assure stringent fiscal responsibility.

My goal as an Amherst Council member will be to build our community by encouraging productivity and incentive, to recognize and strengthen the importance of the family unit, ease the burden on the taxpayers and to assure that the Town exercises restraint and accountability in its fiscal policies.

Amherst residents can be assured that my public service interests are sincere and deep rooted. For over twenty years I have been instilled with a sense of duty and determination in restoring the quality of life Amherst residents deserve. My dad, Rick Anderson, while serving in the County Legislature and State Assembly; taught me that taxpayers deserve quality services at the lowest taxes possible. I am committed to ensure that Amherst Town government be cost efficient, through proven management techniques, cost containment measures and common sense. 

Amherst has been the chosen home of thousands of families due to our great quality of life. In 1954 my grandparents moved to Amherst and I was born here at Millard Suburban Hospital. One of my goals as a Town council member is to provide a town environment that will continue to attract and retain residents.

I am confident that the excellent slate of Republican candidates can, and will, work together to restore a Town government we can all be proud of. I am pledged to cost efficiency, lower taxes, smart redevelopment and a voter referendum on the size of the Town Board.

Richard (Jay) Anderson

You can show your support for Jay Anderson’s campaign on Facebook here.


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One Comment
  1. Steve permalink

    Considering Jay Anderson has never paid a dime in Amherst property taxes, I can’t say I would trust him to keep other peoples tax down.

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