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High Taxes Claim Another Victim

by on May 14, 2009

I remember when Rush Limbaugh announced he was leaving New York because of high property taxes… The so-called “Working Families” Party went giddy

We won, and now Rush Limbaugh is leaving New York forever. 

Why is Limbaugh packing it in?  In the new state budget, millionaires will now have to pay higher taxes than a trucker or a janitor. It’s a big victory for fairness—and for the schoolchildren, elderly, disabled, and homeless New Yorkers who were threatened by budget cuts.

Well, this “fairness” has claimed another notable wealthy New Yorker, Tom Golisano:

Thomas Golisano announced Thursday he is changing his residence to Florida, citing the burden of income and property taxes in New York.

Golisano made the announcement during his speech at the 2009 Financial Executive of the Year Awards luncheon, which is co-presented by the Rochester Business Journal, showing his Florida driver’s license in a slide accompanying the presentation.

He spoke about how local property taxes are higher than most areas of the country and even other parts of the state, and said the system for making and challenging assessments is flawed.

Considering the wealthy already were paying a majority of the taxes in the state, when taxes get high enough that the wealthy decide it is not worth it to stay in New York, they will leave. This didn’t start with Rush Limbaugh, and it doesn’t end with Tom Golisano, This is part of a growing trend that is not only sending the source of a majority of the state’s tax revenue away, but will also keep new taxpayers from coming in.

So really, the WFP shouldn’t celebrate when wealthy taxpayers leave for Florida or somewhere else that won’t rob them of their money. The schoolchildren, elderly, disabled, and homeless would much rather have them in New York. 


One Comment
  1. but the idiots in Albany won’t get the point and will instead further raise taxes to make up the lose in hold up money, I mean “revenue”

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