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'Tis Better To Have Ran and Lost Than Never To Have Ran at All

by on May 14, 2009

…because there is probably a high-paying job waiting for you in the New York State Senate

Edward Hennessey, former Republican Brookhaven town board member who ran a losing comeback race as a Democrat two years ago, has found a soft landing spot as part-time $50,000-a-year counsel to the Senate Democrats.

Hennessey, whose loss cost Democrats control of the board, started last week, splitting his time between Albany and the Senate’s Hauppauge office. Sources say the post allows Hennessey, with 18 years in the state pension system, a chance to reach 20 years — and 40 percent of the average of his three highest years’ salary.

Richard Schaffer, county Democratic chair, said the post allows Hennessey to share his “knowledge and experience in town and county government.”

But Jesse Garcia, town GOP chairman, called it “a political payoff to a failed candidate at a time when we should be tightening our belts in government.”

It never ends does it? It must be nice to lose a race and still end up with a $50,000-year part-time job.

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