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Can Someone Explain To Me…

by on May 18, 2009

why Terrell Owens received the key to the city of Buffalo?

Apparently even he doesn’t know why.

Owens was asked why he deserved to receive a key.

“I don’t know why I’m deserving. But I can honestly say that me being here and my dedication, I’ll show you why I’m deserving,” he replied.

Some have questioned Brown’s decision to honor Owens, whose outspoken ways were branded as distractions to teams he previously played on in other cities. The fact that Owens has yet to even play a single pre-season game in a Buffalo Bills uniform spurred critics to accuse Brown of trying to seize media attention in an election year. The mayor insisted the ceremony was “all in fun.” 



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One Comment
  1. In part, it’s the VH1 marketing geniuses at work. They need some buzz events for their file footage. I don’t mind that he got it. I wish him well. If you are thinking that there are those more deserving, then you are right. All in all though, I cannot remember when such an event took place here last, and if it helps put the city in a better light, I’m all for that.

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