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Some Weekend Links

by on July 11, 2009

Been trying to catch up a bit before I fall too far behind, so I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a couple things I was alerted to via email.

First, Anthony Bialy wrote about the Buffalo Independence Day Tea Party over at Smart Girl Nation:

Maybe I should forward my pictures from Buffalo’s Independence Day Tea Party to the Department of Homeland Security. It wouldn’t be to help them save time when compiling Janet Napolitano’s Personal Enemies List: it’s more of a preemptive move against those who brand us as radicals for thinking the government shouldn’t be buying lots of stuff. If they’re still fretting about the seething rage among righties, we may as well make the case that attendees are as typical as zealots get.

Read the whole thing.

Next, Niagara Times links to a petition in support of separating Upstate New York from downstate.

We came across an interesting ipetition entitled ” Referendum on the Separation of New York” recently.

The petition sponsors state that the petition “has been initiated by a group of citizens who are very concerned with the current direction of the state. We represent all walks of life, and believe that extreme measures must be undertaken to ensure the survival of Upstate New York.

We believe that the people of this state have earned the right to have our voice heard, and implore upon all elected officials from across the state to support this legislation to put the separation of the State of New York to a referendum.”

Interested in signing the petition? Click here.


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