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Keep Working: You’ve Got a Government to Feed

by on August 21, 2009

We pay dearly when lawmakers spend at will: American workers toil deep into summer to cover our officials’ thorough profligacy. August 12 was Cost of Government Day, which is

the day of the calendar year when the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government on the federal, state, and local levels.

The moment when you’re at last keeping your money offers cause for bittersweet celebration But don’t worry if you missed the national milestone, as New York’s particular date comes much later The Empire State’s residents observe the day they actually take home income on August 31, or, ironically, a week before Labor Day Only citizens of New Jersey (September 6) and Connecticut (Labor Day itself, the 7th) spend more working hours funding the spending habits of various authorities It’s little comfort knowing there are two worse states in which to reside when it comes to having one’s finances confiscated.

Workers across the nation already face a daunting percentage of income loss thanks to the feds acting like drunken trust fund kids armed with American Express Black Cards Aside from financing novel expenses such as bailing out failures and stimulating nothing, taxpayers now face the prospect of paying for national programs such as DMV-style health care or cap and trade and tax and ration.

If that’s not enough, those in New York face the added load of bankrolling an overbearing, woefully inefficient state bureaucracy It’s almost at the point where it would be unsurprising if the aggravation incited droves of people to move out of, say, Erie County. Oh, right.

Nevertheless, those who have remained behind may as well enjoy themselves when the calendar reaches the 31st New Yorkers can perhaps commemorate the day by driving (ridiculous gasoline tax of 42.5 cents per gallon, highest in the nation) to the mall or a restaurant (crippling sales tax) Alternately, those who indulge in vices can have a beer or glass of wine (excise taxes for those who drink to cope with other high taxes) or enjoy some tobacco (about as expensive as illicit drugs) Otherwise, New Yorkers could just go to work (state income tax rate up to 8.97 percent) or try to run their businesses (regulated into oblivion).

It’s depressing to confirm that things can always be worse, as New York has done when it comes to burning through money On the other hand, change is possible: voters simply have to grow tired of state-level politicians who add to the trying, countless burdens weighing down all Americans.

The alternative is to maintain the status quo, which is fine as long as we have no aspirations to climb to 47th -best or higher But New Yorkers are collectively reaching the point where we’ve finally, mercifully had enough Best, we get the chance to concurrently swap out the national prodigal office-occupiers while we’re at it If everything goes well, we can eventually look forward to partying on Cost of Government Day in early to mid-spring.

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