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by on September 2, 2009

Craigslist is like representative democracy in Western New York: it’s a great idea in principle that often frustrates in reality. Just as it’s disheartening being led or represented by individuals such as Louise Slaughter, Byron Brown, or every aggravating soul in the Erie County Legislature who voted to increase the sales tax, the people involved often sour a good concept.

Similarly, it’s great that there’s a free internet site with opportunities to hire and barter locally. But the most prominent of these is unfortunately often sullied with junk listings. For one, approximately 100 percent of Craigslist’s job listings are scams, give or take one percent. Plus, sections such as “casual encounters” are basically invitations to take a trip to the free clinic. Where else to turn online?

Thankfully, there’s a new place to post without feeling dirty afterward: GippersList. Named for a role portrayed by a mildly popular actor who went on to greater acclaim as a politician, the site, according to their Frequently Asked Questions,

is a place where conservatives can buy and sell goods and services. It’s for both businesses and individuals.

Plus, it won’t cost you anything:

All basic ads on the site are free which allows you to save more money to pay the Tax Man.

As with its competitor, they have area-specific sites; here’s Buffalo’s. The problem is that it hasn’t caught on yet. While some other cites have a decent number of ads, our section is currently quite light on listings; it’s so far about as heavily trafficked as Of course, you can change that by spreading the word about the Craigslist alternative, not to mention by posting job openings and listings for any stuff you’re selling.

Still, it will always be worth checking out Craigslist for the missed connections. Do any of the people who make eye contact at SPoT or on the 290 ever meet and fall in love?

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