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What Has Brown Done for You?

by on September 8, 2009

Trying to compile a list of nice things to say about Mayor Byron Brown might be frustrating. But at least it’s full-time work, even if it involves spending many hours staring at a blank sheet. With the Democratic primary less than a week away, his re-election staff managed to come up with enough accomplishments to fill a half-minute election commercial, which can be seen on his campaign site.

The ad neglects to mention the continued help Brown has provided for one local resident, namely Leonard Stokes. Even factoring that omission, the claims made on Brown’s behalf are at best debatable. Sometimes, it’s a matter of the backward strategies he feels will better the city. For example, the commercial notes that,

To create jobs and improve our quality of life, we’ve got to make Buffalo safer.

Or, we could have a lightly-taxed municipality where it’s easy to create jobs, which would in turn improve quality of life and consequently make Buffalo safer. In this case, there’s no gratifying reason to do it the hard way. Regardless, Brown is selling the notion that he’s protecting us with the claim that he has

Added 126 more police in Buffalo

It’s pleasantly surprising that the mayor is at least trying to position himself as a law-and-order type. He could theoretically attract conservatives by highlighting his commitment to law enforcement; that’s one type of governmental spending with which they have no problem. It won’t happen, but he thought it was worth a shot. That said, Brown’s primary opponent claims that the number of officers added just means the city is barely keeping ahead of the retirement rate. Plus, it’s curious that the police union spent its endorsement on same foe. Shouldn’t they be pleased that Brown has hired more of them? Maybe they don’t like how he refuses to blame criminals for crime, as when the ad notes that there are

Now over 5,000 illegal guns off our streets

The mayor’s doesn’t get it: what’s important is how many illegal lawbreakers are off our streets. The threat to public security comes from those who do bad things with guns, not the guns themselves. Obesity isn’t caused by silverware. Besides, calling a gun “illegal” in New York State is barely stronger than acknowledging it exists. The ad maintains that

Crime (is) down seven percent

It might just be that there’s less good stuff to steal nowadays. The commercial also fails to point out that the city has seen 40 homicides in 2009 as of August 26, which is an unsettling if not quite shocking rate. Perhaps gun buyback programs weren’t the solution after all. Brown may or may not have improved city life in other ways, as with his

Plans to demolish thousands more vacant buildings to keep improving neighborhoods

There has to be more to improving neighborhoods than knocking down abandoned structures. In cities that enjoy even remote prosperity, empty buildings aren’t a problem, as they don’t stay empty for long. Buffalo’s trouble should be finding enough homes and commercial properties to accommodate new residents and entrepreneurs; instead, we just surrender and knock them down. Brown’s empty lots just mean slightly less blight.

Overall, the mayor’s television spot is almost as mystifying as his campaign logo, which features a buffalo that looks as if it’s been sliced in half by a samurai or skillful butcher. Most bizarrely, the partial carcass is reclining at an oddly upward angle. The animal could be looking forward. Or, it might be an expired creature that has been left propped up before it’s to be processed into bison burgers, with the head ready for mounting on a plaque destined for the wall of a gin mill or someone’s den. As with both his campaign and the city under his watch, it isn’t facing the right way.


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  1. It is time for the feds to come in and take a good look at the corruption Mayor Brownie has unleashed upon the city. I have looked and researched the history of Buffalo and found that at no time has the city taken such a nose dive into corruption as it has during the term of Mayor Brownie. During his term I have found that the city has has fallen in industry, employment, and new business start up. His quality of life laws he enacted where sole meant for HIS quality of life and not that of the citizens. The corruption has increased to levels unmatched by any city in the US. The police corruption is out of control to a point to where the citizens are scared to even call the police. Mayor Brownie has made a mockery of the 311 system. the Taxes in buffalo make it impossible for anyone to develop, revitalize or in any why rebuild the downtown district. The Section 8 Housing , Mayor Brownie so fondly loves, Has used it to destroy the good neighborhoods of buffalo, as you can see the recent section 8’s invading the elmwood and allen town districts today, By mayor Brownie’s bringing in section 8 to these areas has also brought crime, drugs and prostitution in to these areas, for mayor brownie to be able to bring down property values, so he may profit from the destruction of Quality of Life. If you vote for Mayor Brownie, you deserve what you get…. How Can anyone in there right mind look and see what he has done and still vote him back. Time to get rid of him and lock his stupid ass up.

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