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Anyone Better than Paterson Out There?

by on September 21, 2009

It’s an ominous moment for one’s career when the President of the United States tells you to quit your job.  Granted, it’s the same president who spends his free time micromanaging banks and car companies, but David Paterson can’t feel comfortable about an anti-endorsement that submarines his chances of staying governor.


Regardless, the nation’s head is in agreement with most New Yorkers: Barack Obama disapproves of Paterson. The problem is whether any other candidate will improve on Paterson’s pathetic, distressing, shameful, and risible tenure.  Is there anyone who could 1) transform business as usual in the capital after 2) winning first?


In this state, the troublemakers aren’t limited to one particular affiliation: former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno became part of the problem as he abandoned Republicans for the Albany Party.  Plus, George Pataki may as well have been a fifth- or sixth-generation Rockefeller considering how willingly he spent tax receipts.

Of course, Democrats aren’t in the clear, especially considering their leading non-Paterson gubernatorial contender.  Most notably, Andrew Cuomo may attempt to continue father Mario’s horrific legacy of making New York like East Berlin: he could be another leader who favors taxing and regulating people until they feel hopping over the border is the only option.




Or, this could all be an extraordinary Obama ploy to discard his marginalized secretary of state.  That’s if there’s any traction to the so-far unconfirmed rumors that Hillary Clinton is heading back to try to win the governorship of her not-really home state.

As for her 2000 opponent, Rick Lazio could angle for a rematch.  The problem is that he mostly got votes from conservatives when he ran for the Senate because he wasn’t the former First Lady, not because he agreed with them on everything.


So, wow, could Rudy Giuliani be the best hope for change?  He may not run, and he might make Lazio look like a right-winger by comparison on some social issues.  But he would be more than a governor: Giuliani would be in charge.


It’s more about personal style than partisanship.  This state has been ruined by closed-room shenanigans throughout recent history, but the dodgy shenanigans would end if the erstwhile mayor got promoted.  Giuliani isn’t going to let someone like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver bully him into compromising on anything, especially pertaining to how much of our money to waste.

Giuliani’s just-maybe potential run might be perfectly timed: it would coincide with an election that’s looking to represent voters’ collective breaking point.  As with national-level politics, New Yorkers could finally demonstrate that they’re sick of a government that tells them what to do when it’s not spending much of their money.


They may have a reasonable chance to alter the gloomy landscape next year, but it depends on the candidate.  The right may be repulsed by numerous Giuliani positions.  But he’s, mildly, a law-and-order type who’s also big on slicing taxes.  Most importantly, he’d run the state instead of letting Albany run him.  If not Giuliani, then yay, go Lazio, although he must show his credentials go beyond being a New York State Republican.

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  1. Yes…an ominous moment indeed. However it may be just as ominous a moment for the President when a governor as bumbling and unpopular as Patterson snubs his nose at him and announces that he’s going to run anyway and recent polls show that an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers wish that the President would keep his nose out of the issue! Talk about handing momentum (albeit as short lived as it might be)to a campaign that is virtually dead! Certainly even die hard New York liberals can’t be happy with that. As a republican resident of New York State I can only say this to the most bumbling,ineffective,incompetant governor in recent memory… David, run!

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