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Fusion Voting: Still Stupid After All These Years

by on October 11, 2009

Whatever you want to call it: electoral fusion, fusion voting… no one can convince me that it is a good idea. Last week, we saw another example of how it actually causes more problems in the electoral processi

The county’s two elections commissioners Wednesday said the Independence Party primary for Erie County comptroller has landed in a tie because they cannot settle some outstanding issues.

As it stands now, 937 votes each went to Michael J. Abramo of the Independence Party and Philip C. Kadet, a Republican seeking the Independence line.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Kadet said later.

Dead heats are rare, and this one hinges on the scrapping of a half-dozen votes because of quirks at two polling places.

The two commissioners—Republican Ralph M. Mohr and Democrat Dennis Ward — agreed the candidates can now go to court in their attempts to obtain the Independence line for the Nov. 3 election.

As long as this “fushion voting” exists, candidates will continue to waste time pursuing minor party lines, or creating their own minor party line… and it seems like those pursuits usually end up being debated in court. From Alice Kryzan wanting the WFP line after Jon Powers lost the Democratic primary, Kathy Konst creating her own Integrity Party, or the equally meaningless Taxpayers First Party, belonging to Chris Collins.

Waste. Of. Time.

Isn’t it about time we put an end to this madness? Even Massachusetts voters were smart enough to reject it in 2006.

  1. Sean permalink

    Definitely smarter than allowing the Democrats and Republicans to COMPLETELY dominate the discourse.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Matt. Make them pick a party and go with it. Want to run on the Working Families line? Fine that’s your line. You can’t be a conservative and a Green. That’s just stupid.

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