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Robert Simmons Endorses Jay Anderson for Amherst Town Board

by on November 2, 2009

The Buffalo Bean has acquired a letter from Robert Simmons, Past Conservative Party Town Chair for 30 years in Amherst, on behalf of Amherst Town Board candidate, Richard “Jay” Anderson. We have posted it below:

Dear Fellow Conservative;

This year’s election for the Amherst Town Board will determine the future direction of our town for many years to come.  As we have experienced the past few years, the current town board is full of bickering, petty politics and members with little regard for us, the taxpayers.

As a registered Conservative Party member for over 40 years and former Conservative Town Chairman for over 30 years, I am supporting Richard “Jay” Anderson for the Amherst Town Board; to bring integrity, common sense and a fiscally conservative approach to Town finances.

Jay is a lifelong resident of Amherst, a graduate of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and Canisius College, has work experience in the private sector and is an officer in the Amherst Masonic Lodge.  Jay is a military veteran and served active duty in the Middle East last year with his Navy unit, and is continuing to serve as a Navy reservist.  

Jay’s goals are lowering taxes through efficient, effective government services, providing a fairer assessment review and reform process and establishing a referendum that gives voters the option on the size of the Town Board.  The incumbent Board member running against Jay, actually voted three times to deny voters their right to such a referendum.

Since its inception; the Conservative Party has stood for public referendums, lower taxes and limited government.  Jay’s incumbent opponent has voted against all of these, and Jay has pledged to support all of them.  Unfortunately some liberal minded individuals have infiltrated the Conservative Party and Jay did not receive their endorsement.  That is why I write to you and urge you to vote for Jay Anderson on the Republican line.  I have not done this in the past, but feel this year’s election is critical and there is a clear choice for Conservatives to vote for Jay.  I am confident he will support our conservative ideals and be a taxpayer’s friend on the Town Board.

It is time for a fresh approach for Amherst Town government!  It is time for the taxpayers to be heard!  It is time for registered Conservatives to have a truly conservative Town Board member!  It is time to send the message that we are fed up with big government!  It is time for our own tea party!

Please join with me and vote for Richard “Jay” Anderson for the Town Board on November 3rd.


Robert C. Simmons
Past Conservative Party Town Chair



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