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Brian Higgins Talks Obamacare With Artvoice

by on November 12, 2009

So, I picked up a copy of Artvoice yesterday to find their cover story this week is an interview with Brian Higgins about the public option.

Are we supposed to be impressed that Brian Higgins spoke about this issue with a left/wing publication that is as likely to factcheck Higgins as they are likely to praise George W. Bush? Of course Higgins was too afraid to face the voters of this district (myself included) because he couldn’t handle being challenged.

So, how did this interview go? Ironically, Higgins is rather candid about how intrusive the government would with the public option in place.

“The bill coming out of the House will have a strong public option. The rates will be negotiated between the providers and the secretary of health and human services.”

Because we really want a government official involved. It’s amazing how Democrats suddently became libertarians under the Bush years when it came it the government fighting terrorism, but now, with health care, they just the government to have more power and control.

“The idea here is to create exchanges to give individuals and small businesses, by pooling together, the leverage that they currently don’t have.”

George W. Bush proposed health insurance pools for small businesses as part of his health care plan back in 2004… This is hardly a new idea.

One of my favorite parts was when Higgins cited a ridiculous study by the World Health Organization.

“We pay 50 percent more for healthcare in America than any other industrialized nation, but, according to the World Health Organization, we’re 37th of 192 countries in terms of overall healthcare quality—37th, despite paying more than any other industrialized nation. Unacceptable.”

Hogwash, according to CATO Institute research by Glen Whitman. Whitman noted that according the WHO study, Costa Rica ranks higher than the United States for quality of health care. Is Rep. Higgins going to Costa Rica for medical care? In case you were wondering, Artvoice didn’t ask him that.

“We have to find a new way, not only in terms of the cost of healthcare but also quality.”

Again, is there anywhere else in the world Higgins would rather have medical care? Does he cross the border into Canada when he needs treatment? If he ever gets prostate cancer, would he rather go to Roswell Park, or some cancer treatment center in Central America? I only ask because apparently he thinks health care in this country sucks so badly that obviously, as someone so interested in getting the best possible health care for himself (and allegedly the entire country), he’s looking outside this country for treatment.

It’s not-for-profit. None of the doctors are tenured. Everyone is salaried, so there’s not a profit motive for a doctor to order a lot of tests.

Of course, what Higgins doesn’t say is that doctors order lots of tests because if they improperly diagnose someone, they get sued. Because of this, doctors have to pay high insurance premiums, which ultimately drive up the cost of health care. But, does this bill include any medical liability reform? No, it doesn’t. Obama doesn’t want it. Democrats don’t want it. They don’t want anything that will legitimately drive down the costs of health care or health insurance (like medical liability reform or interstate competition among health insurance plans) they just want to tax Americans to pay for a new collossal bureaucracy. There is nothing pro-competition about a public option. How can private companies compete with the “unlimited” resources of the government?

Brian Higgins may have his left-wing talking points down, and Artvoice may have no interest in challenging the misinformation Higgins is pushing, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is bad legislation. Other government programs like Social Security and Medicare, are running out of money. If those programs are unsustainable, how can government-run health care be? Then of course there’s the fact that the government badly mishandled the swine-flu problem… If they couldn’t do that right, how can they be trusted to get health care right?

Then there’s the cost issue. No one honestly believe that the plan will be deficit neutral. And no one can be so stupid to believe the cost won’t go up. I was against the health care plan Governer Mitt Romney pushed in Massachusetts, and it certainly hasn’t worked out well… as I expected.

If Higgins really wants to impress, he could  accept an interview from me… but, for a guy more interested about running to cameras to take credit for something than in answering tough questions, I suspect he’ll just go to “media” he can trust to let him spew his false talking points uninterrupted and unchallenged.

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