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Support The George W. Bush Presidential Center

by on November 20, 2009

Tonight, I am asking readers of The Buffalo Bean to consider donating to The George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Some of you may know, back in 2003, I founded Blogs For Bush, which went on to become one of the most popular political blogs during the 2004 presidential campaign season.

As the first draft of history is written, I have no doubt that the legacy of George W. Bush’s presidency will be looked on favorably. I may not have agreed with every decision he made, but his efforts to spread democracy and freedom around the world will not be forgotten. I am proud to say I am now a donor to The George W. Bush Presidential Center. Please consider donating as well in the form below.


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  1. Sean permalink

    The very idea of supporting anything this president touches is the single funniest thing ever. Looked on favorably? High hopes.

  2. You better believe he’ll be looked on favorably. Especially considering that Obama is making Bush look better on a daily basis…

  3. Keith permalink

    I share some of your enthusiasm for Rick Lazio. NY (and much of the country) needs an approach with fiscal responsibility.

    However, you hurt yourself by suggesting that President Bush was anything but a disaster of historical proportions. One can agree and disagree on issues – that’s OK. But the record of President Bush is plain to see – he simply presided over the most unsuccessful time for America since before WW2. He had a cooperative congress for most of his years – you cannot seriously suggest that his record is the the responsibility of anyone but himself.

    You don’t have to publicly state you realize President Bush was a disaster. Just don’t pretend he was a good president.

    The most successful way for New York Republicans to go forward is to try and forget the Bush years.

    New York Republicans have many good issues to campaign on – bringing up Bush discredits you.

  4. Dubya was not a disaster. Far from it.

    I tell you about a real disaster that’s going on right now:

    Barack Obama.

    You want talk about a disaster, look at the dumbass pretending to run the country right now.

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