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$ame-$ex Marriage Not About Equality

by on November 28, 2009

The next time you are told by Senate Democrats in Albany that same-sex marriage is an issue of “equality,” you can say that is pure crap… and you’d be right. The New York Times reports that gay marriage might now have a shot in the stat… but the motivation is not equal rights… it’s about revenue for the state.

Senate Democrats, who have thus far refused to hold a vote to legalize same-sex marriage, have nonetheless floated the theory in negotiations that the state could expect to take in more than $50 million a year in new revenue from the legalization of same-sex marriage, from a combination of marriage license and tourism revenue.

If the equality claim wasn’t enough to get enough Democrats on board, will this justification work either? I doubt it. I think the voters want to see real solutions to budget problems, like capping spending, cutting waste, and the like. But, imposing gay marriage on the state by justifying as a budget fixer is bound not to sit well with the voters.


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  1. Sean permalink

    And Republicans….oh they’ll vote no on it…for both reasons. So, maybe we should remove them from office as well. They had a few decades to fix Albany.

  2. Kevin permalink

    Just heard the State Senate voted “No” on same-sex marriage. THis doesn’t make any sense at all! We need to vote out all of the senators that have been there too long !

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