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Because Canadian Health Care Rocks…

by on November 29, 2009

This weekend I saw a commercial for Kaleida Health targeting Canadian residents. I’d never seen it before but it was certainly interesting to see a commercial telling Canadians that if they want fast, quality care, that they can simply go across the border, into America, to get the treatment they need.

I don’t remember the exact words used in the ad, but let’s look at the Kaleida website just for Canadians. Here’s what it says:

At Kaleida Health, we believe that providing compassionate, quality health care in a timely manner is the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy life. Our commitment to our patients is simple — when you need us we will be there. Expedient treatment is your right and it is our privilege to provide it.

Please note, that’s not my emphasis added.

Maybe we should ask, why, if government-run health care is so great, why would Canadians come down to America for treatment, and why would Kaleida Health see a need to market to Canadians who get government-run health care? Well, the Kaleida page answers that question.

Why should I pay for care when/if the Ministry of Health will pay?

There are a variety of procedures that either cannot be found in Ontario or the wait time is simply too long. Kaleida Health’s five hospitals provide an alternative so you can make your healthcare decision on your terms. It is not unlike the decision many of us make about elective cosmetic surgery, but in many cases there are more immediate improvements to your quality of life. So don’t wait if you don’t have to.

Unavailable health care… wait times too long… Gee, government-run health care sounds swell doesn’t it?

Okay, let’s be serious now. As Obama keeps trying to push government-run health care down our throats (and yes, it’s government-run health care, don’t pretend it’s not) we should be asking ourselves how it is working out in other countries that have it. Well, if Kaleida Health is telling Canadians that they can get better health care in America, quicker health care in America, or more health care options in America, maybe we shouldn’t be trying to emulate Canada’s health care system.

Just a thought.

Perhaps our local left-wingers who want Obamacare can start going to Canada for health care… if they think government-run health care is so great, they should put their money and their health where their mouth is.


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  1. Factchecker permalink

    You Republicans are really dishonest propagandists.

    Someone tell me why Wealthy American’s are leaving the country for low cost medical treatment overseas if the U.S. systemis so good. No Obamacare rubbish please just facts.




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