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Senate Rejects $ame-$ex Marriage Bill

by on December 3, 2009

The New York State Senate rejected the same-sex marriage bill yesterday 38-24. There was some hope from proponents of the bill that it would pass, but the mere $50 million in state revenue it would allegedly generate wasn’t enough of an incentive. I guess Governor Paterson will have to find new ways to solve the budget crisis.

And let’s be honest about the bill’s intentions. There is a budget crisis right now, and this vote had nothing to do with “marriage equality,” it had to do with an anticipated boost in revenue for the state from marriage licenses and gay tourism.  Well, I think it’s it’s time to think outside the closet on how to solve the state’s budget problems. It’s time to cut state jobs, benefits and salaries. It’s time to cut waste and programs that are no longer needed. The state government needs to downsize. Plain and simple.

As for gay marriage itself… is there any reason the state should be involved in this issue, or traditional marriage? Why not get government out of the marriage business all together? 

Still, something must be said about the bogus arguments by pro-gay marriage advocates, who avoid the term “gay marriage” in favor of the euphemism “marriage equality.” Calling gay marriage “marriage equality” is like calling wealth redistribution “fairness.” It’s nonsensical. It’s a strawman argument that attempts to equate gay marriage with racial equality.

Of course, no one need think this issue is over. Far from it. The fight will continue. The left will try to punish those who voted against the bill. I am guessing, however, that Barack Obama gets a pass for believing that marriage is between a man and a woman, because I haven’t seen any liberal bloggers outraged over yesterday’s vote promise to oppose Obama in 2012.


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  1. kicker1292 permalink

    There is an interesting response to the States Senate’s rejection of the same-sex marriage bill.

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