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Keanu Reeves Done In Buffalo

by on December 19, 2009

and I say that’s good, because it didn’t ever get in my way. Yeah, I totally understand the benefits to the area, but when I found out there would be filming in downtown Buffalo, all I could think about was how it might be a pain.

When I worked in Boston, MA, a few movies film on the very street where I worked. Each production produced a headache for me.

The first movie was The Women. The real aggravating thing about this one was that not only did I have to stay away from the windows, but when I wanted to go out to get lunch, I had to wait because the whole thing with the movie was that there are no men in it. Not to mention three times on my way to work I got harassed by crew members who didn’t want me walking onto the set, even though my office was in the middle of it.

Other movies filmed outside my former office were My Best Friend’s Girl and Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past. Both of those movies were less obtrusive to my day, but, still a bit of a pain. That said, there are benefits to the local economy with such on location filming. But, the big lesson in the whole situation is that Boston, MA had previously lost out on a lot of on location filming during The Departed because, surprisingly enough, tax breaks made it cheaper to film much of the action in New York.

So remember, tax breaks equal incentive, and even if your day gets screwed because of a movie being filmed, at least it’s good for the area.


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