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Chris Collins Needs To Sit This One Out

by on December 29, 2009

Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement of Rick Lazio should have put any remaining intentions of Chris Collins to run for governor to rest.

Well, it apparently hasn’t.

While he has yet to formally commit to the race, Erie County Executive Chris Collins has been urged by 15 Republican county chairs to seriously consider running in the 2010 gubernatorial contest.

Collins is mulling running in the GOP primary against former Rep. Rick Lazio, but has said he will not make a formal announcement until sometime in January. Yet, Collins has given several indications that he will be running, including hiring the New York-based political consulting firm, NLO Strategies LLC, and hosting several fundraisers across the state.

I hope he’ll just finish the job he was elected to do.

It’s a slap in the face when politicians run for office only to use that office as a stepping stone for higher office. Hillary Clinton stabbed New Yorkers in the back by winning reelection to the Senate, only to announce her plans to run for president shortly after starting her second term.

Barack Obama barely served in the U.S. Senate before making his campaign official. Now the entire country is getting screwed over by his incompetence and unpopular left-wing agenda.

Sarah Palin was equally disappointing in her decision to resign before the end of her term as Governor of Alaska. Though apparently state Democrats were suing her repeatedly and harassing her family.

All that said, one day, Chris Collins may be ready to be governor… but that time isn’t now. He needs to finish the job he started. One day, I’d like to support him in a statewide election, but now just isn’t the time. With Giuliani not running, the GOP needs to let one candidate go out there and build support for their campaign. With 2010 looking to be a very good year for Republican candidates, combined with what may likely be an ugly primary battle between Governor Paterson and Andrew Cuomo, the Republican Party of New York would be best served by having no primary election, and instead focus entirely on the general.

Any Republican candidate running state-wide has an uphill battle. One candidate focusing on building bipartisan support is key to winning. So, please, Chris Collins, sit this one out. Finish the job you started, and let’s help Rick Lazio win.

  1. Tim permalink

    Nah Matt, you got this one wrong. Lazio can’t win. Collins is the right choice.

  2. Convince me you are right.

  3. Rob permalink

    Rick is exactly the right person to lead this state out of dysfuction, despair, debt and departure of our children … the 4 “D’s” …

    His record as an 8 year congressman is remarkable … read his record of accomplishment, especially as deputy majority whip and working across ailes.

    Read about his intentions to fix this state … google and/or visit

    He has integrity, decency, a public servant’s heart, intelligence, new ideas … cares deeply for his state, raised by 2 WWII veterans who instilled in him the desire to give back.

    His accomplishments in the private sector are remarkable, as CEO of the Finanicial Services Formum, VP Global Government Relations for JP Morgan/Chase, as well as Director of Asset Management for JP Morgan/Chase.

    Prior to congress, Rick worked in the Suffolk County DA’s office, in a private law practive and as a Suffolk County Legislator. His first election to congress was against a 16 year incumbant who was thought to be unbeatable, Tom Downey. Rick always won every election he ran, accept for the Senate race in 2000, but still raised 40 Million Dollars in only 5 months time. Despite losing the popular election in that race, he won 48 of NY’s 62 counties.

    Don’t discount Rick Lazio. He is moderate on social issues, and fiscally conservative … and is backed by the Conservative Party despite his moderate social positions. That’s because of his greatest traits, being honest, likeable, trustworthy, smart and innovative. His character is that of a good guy. His work ethic has never been questioned. And, he is a caring and loving husband, father and Friend.

  4. Tom permalink


    Your wrong.. Lazio has all the special interest groups in his corner like Joel Giambra and the old Republican Guard as in Guiliani.

    He will not work for the people first.

  5. Tim permalink

    Right now NYS need a true conservative, not a moderate. A moderate will fall prey to all the special interests that really control NYS. We need someone who will seriously take on these special interests and unions. For example read today’s News editorial by a financial planner who says he hates New York. Why? Because the unions, more specifically the teachers union who are vigerously fighting cuts. This is the tip of the iceberg. Lazio had his day many years ago. Now its time for new ideas and someone with a backbone. Not someone that operated in politics when all was well. Rick is part of the downstate culture that has killed the rest of New York. Its time we are heard. The next Governor should probably go down as one of the most disliked individuals because that person will have to make some very difficult decisions to save our state. EVERYONE needs to feel the pain. Collins has the balls and personality to do just that. Lazio’s time came and went. Where has he been during the past few years as our state has slid toward bankruptcy? On Wall street earning a million dollar plus bonus. This while taxpayers help bailout the whole industry. Wheres my bonus?

  6. Tim, conservatives have had 45 years to show that they could shrink government. They failed, time’s up.

  7. Tim permalink

    Jim, So now we throw in the towel and watch the liberals make our country a socialist one? Soon there will be no more wealthy taxpayers in NYS to pay for the size of our government and the handouts. We will be bankrupct. WE need a REFORMER! I think Collins is the guy.

  8. Joseph Martinez permalink

    Lazio blew the race against Clinton. He is a professional “pol” and it is the professional “pols” that have ruined our state. As much as I love Collins as County Executive, this state NEEDS him now more than ever.

  9. Collins is dealing with Pigeon to secure the IP line. Careful what you wish for and whom you ally with.

  10. Tim permalink

    Pundick….lets equate this type of dealing with what the US Senate just did with healthcare. What do you think about that? Is it ok for the Dems to deal that way on a national front but locally its wrong?

  11. Robin permalink

    Recycled politicians like Lazio are not what this state needs. NYS needs Collins – he’s a business man and has proven that business principles can work in government. No state needs those pinciples more than NY. And the Giuliani endorsement doesn’t mean much since he backed Henry Wojatsek for State Committee Chair and Cox got elected. So much for politicians’ endorsements.

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