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Will Collins' Critics Condemn Harry Reid?

by on January 10, 2010

Back in October, several Buffalo area bloggers and websites were quick to label Chris Collins an anti-Semite for comments he made about Sheldon SIlver.  WNYMedia and Artvoice in particular haven’t held back any punches against the Republican Erie County Executive.

So where are they now, after it was revealed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made some racial remarks about Barack Obama back in 2008?

Nothing from WNYMedia on their website or Twitter… and they are no stranger to national politics either.

Nothing from Artvoice on their website or Twitter.

As I said before, Collins past comments were inappropriate, but not anti-Semitic. But, the aforementioned left-wing sites hammered the “Collins is an anti-Semite” line over and over… yet, they are silent over this huge national story of some blatantly racial comments from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.


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  1. Tim permalink

    You know this answer. The left wing only attacks when it will benefit their side. They will quickly ignore anything that makes them look bad. IE the US Senate healthcare “hold-up”. Reid knew this comment was out there for a long time. He prayed it wouldn’t come out. He could have dealt with it way back. Collins is a much better man for admitting his mistake quickly and making an apology.

  2. Even Al Sharpton accepted the apology…

  3. What is far more disturbing than Reid’s comment itself, is that elected officials, paid with taxpayer dollars, would spend valuable time criticizing Reid, or any other politician who just happened to say something offensive, inappropriate, or stupid, instead of tending to the important business of the nation. And this applies to members of ALL political parties.

    And why do they do it? To advance the long-term positive and material interests of the nation? No. Pure and simple grandstanding for their political purposes. They ALL should arguably be voted out at the next available opportunity. As for we citizens, we should never underestimate the power of laughter, and ignoring people.

  4. Tim permalink

    Mean Mean Reggie Greene….wish you would have written that back when one of the GOPers (ie Collins) was being attacked….

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