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A Massachusetts State of Mind

by on January 21, 2010
Well everyone, for the past week or so, I have been fully absorbed in the U.S. Senate Special Election in Massachusetts, helping Scott Brown get elected. I devoted my blogging time to my Massachusetts blog, Hub Politics, which experienced a tremendous surge in traffic in the last weeks and days of Brown’s campaign.
What a sweet victory it was! The voters sent a clear message to the rest of the country on Tuesday, and that message must be heard: The people don’t want Obamacare, and they are tired of the “change” Obama has brought.
I know the left-wing spin on the results, but there is no denying that Scott Brown ran on a campaign against Obamacare, and against the way business is being conducted in Washington DC today. If you don’t think this election was a referendum on Obama and his healthcare plan, then your denial will only lead you quicker to your downfall.

So, what does this race mean for us in New York? Well, for starters, Obamacare is pretty much dead. Regardless of whether Scott Brown is the 41st vote or not, Democrats across the country have been sent a clear message: Support this plan at your own risk. When the people expect their leaders to represent their interests, and they ignore them, the people revolt.

Was it even conceivable even a month ago that the seat long held by Ted Kennedy would be filled by a Republican? Ted Kennedy was the head cheerleader for government-run healthcare, and even his hometown voted for the man who promised to stop government-run healthcare.

I see potential for Republican takeovers in two statewide races:

The Governor’s Race. This makes Cuomo’s currently lead in the poll almost meaningless. Don’t believe me, it only took about a month for Martha Coakley to go from 30 points up to losing by 5 points. In a midterm election in a year looking to be very big for Republicans, I think once Cuomo enters the race, his best days will be behind him.

The U.S. Senate. Kirsten Gillibrand was vulnerable before Tuesday and is even more vulnerable now. The right Republican candidate can take the seat back from the moderate Democrat who came to Washington only to become another left-winger in lockstep with Harry Reid. I don’t know if Bruce Blakeman is the man to defeat her, but any Republican who will vote against the unpopular agenda being pushed by Reid, Obama, and Pelosi has a chance to win.

Now, the good thing for Republicans this year is that it appears Democrats haven’t fully learned any lessons from Scott Brown’s victory.  Here’s a couple things they need to accept:
Blaming Bush Doesn’t Work. People aren’t interesting in fingerpointing, and don’t believe that the problems of today can be blamed on Bush and Cheney. The facts are that Obama’s stimulus didn’t do what he said it would, and that his agenda has been generally unpopular with the conservative-leaning nation. From closing Gitmo and trying terrorists in New York, to government-run healthcare and reckless spending, the people recognize that Obama is the one leading this country down a dangerous path. On the campaign trail, Obama talked about looking forward, but has used every chance he can get to look backward and attempt to absolve himself of responsibilty for his policies failures. Scott Brown ran on issues, and won. Bush is out of office, and things have gotten worse since Obama took office, people have connected the dots.

Obama Is Lame Duck. Virginia. New Jersey. Massachusetts. Obama’s star power has disappeared. His political capital is spent. Martha Coakley and Barack Obama tried to tie Scott Brown to Bush/Cheney and the people of Massaschesetts rejected Coakley, who tied herself to Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy. What more evidence do you need that

The Left-Wing Hate Machine. Paying close attention to the special election in Massachusetts, it was clear to me that the Democratic Party is fueled by hate. It was illuminating to see how much disdain they have for the voters, and for those who have the audacity to oppose their agenda. The left smeared Scott Brown mercilessly. For them, that was easier than being positive about Coakley. Coakley herself showed disdain for voters by not campaigning early on and lying through her teeth when she did. She went negative when she saw the polls shift. Brown kept things positive and the people responded. If campaigns were more civil, and not all about gotcha politics, things would be so much better.

So, the Massachusetts Miracle is a warning to Democrats that their left-wing agenda will be their downfall. Independents who elected Obama nationally have turned their backs on him in favor of commonsense policies of smaller government. They are finding the solutions to today’s problems in the policies proposed by the Republican Party.

Tuesday was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a red wave on the horizon, and it’s moving across the country.



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