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Collins Out For Governor

by on January 27, 2010

Well, speculation finally ends… Chris Collins will not run for governor.

County Executive Chris Collins today said he has ended his exploratory run for governor, citing the difficult task of raising enough money for a statewide campaign and his desire to “finish the job” in Erie County.

The first-term Republican said that a series of controversial statements he made on the campaign trail did not figure in his decision to leave the race, but he acknowledged that the “realist” in him recognizes that he faced an uphill task in achieving the goal.

“It becomes apparent to me that my message of real reform and change has not been embraced by those who are happy with the status quo,” he told The Buffalo News.

The move is seen as a major boost to Rick Lazio, who had emerged as Collins’ main party rival for the nomination. Insiders say the former Long Island congressman already can count on support from about 40 percent of county chairmen when the party convenes to endorse a candidate in May. Some of the chairmen who have been leaning toward Collins are now free to move into the Lazio camp.

Still, Collins said he hopes a major Republican figure will yet emerge to run this fall, possibly a business type with the ability to finance the campaign. He said he did not plan to support Lazio, noting that his rival’s campaign finance reports indicate he has only about $600,000 on hand when $35 million to $50 million is necessary.

Well, now it’s time for Republicans to unite behind Rick Lazio.

Personally. I think that Collins made the right decision. This was not his time to seek statewide office. I like him, and believe he will go far in his career in public life, but I want to see him finish one term for the job he was already elected to.

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  1. Back to reality Collins…

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