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Artvoice Misreads Scott Brown's Victory

by on February 1, 2010

Artvoice contributor Michael Liman had a piece in last week’s issue which foolishly argued that “[Scott Brown’s] win wasn’t a referendum on healthcare reform or Obama.”

It is amusing that the left refuses to take any lessons from from Scott Brown’s victory two weeks ago. They foolishly see his victory as a reason to reasses their strategy for getting health care passed, not a reason to reasses the legistation.

Hey, fine by me. If they choose to ignore the implications of the Massachusetts Miracle, that’s fine, they’ll just lose more seats in November.

Liman, sees fit to ignore to implications.

What we know about Taxachusetts is that fewer than 15 percent of its state legislators are Republicans, all their Representatives to Congress are Democrats, they haven’t elected a Republican to the US Senate since 1967, and they provide near-universal healthcare coverage for their own population. So what gives here?

Easy. The health care system in Massachusetts, signed into law by Mitt Romney (which I was very unhappy about when it happened), is only a few years old, cost way more than originally estimated and hasn’t increased access to or the quality of healthcare.

Yes, the economy was a major issue in the campaign, and Obama and the Democratic Party have certainly made a big mess out of it. But, Scott Brown specifically campaigned as the anti-Obamacare candidate — the 41st vote, if you will — and that message won over independents, and nearly a quarter of Democrats. It the final days of the campaign, voters were being told that if Scott Brown won, Obamacare would be dead. 

And of course, while Liman is willing to trust a poll commissioned by the AFL-CIO and done by a Democrat polling company, an election night Rasmussen poll found that indeed, health care was a top issue.

Health care has been a huge issue in this election. Fifty-two percent (52%) of Brown voters say it was the most important issue in determining their vote. Sixty-three percent (63%) of Coakley voters say health care was the top issue: 

But maybe Liman is right, it wasn’t a referendum on just health care… but Obama’s entire agenda. Polls regularly showed voters opposed to government intervention in the economy, opposed to trying terrorists in the country, etc, etc. There was an undeniable resounding rejection of the key aspects of Obama’s agenda.

Yes, Obama’s personal approval rating in Massachusetts, is pretty good, but one thing  worth noting is that his approval ratings have a noticeable disconnect between support for his agenda, which is a lot lower. Though the two are getting closer together as his personal approval numbers plummet…

The left can pretend that there is widespread support for Obamacare, but that will only contribute to them losing more seats in November. If Liman and the rest of the Obamabots want to pretend Scott Brown’s victory wasn’t a referendum on Obamacare and Obama, they do so at their own peril.

One Comment
  1. The left is focused on message…
    They do not realize it is the policy that lacks popularity.

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