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Welcome To Buffalo, A Miserable, Dying City

by on February 18, 2010

Maybe that’s what the signs should say because once again, Buffalo has made Forbes’ Top Ten Most Miserable Cities list. Buffalo came in ranking at #8, unchanged from last year. Buffalo has also been ranked one of the fastest dying cities in the country, too.

While I am sure some would argue these assessments are incorrect, let’s be honest… this is how people outside the area view us, and considering the way the population has been declining here, it is safe to say many locals don’t view the city and its surrounding areas favorably either.

I think, more than anything, even the weather, Buffalo suffers from poor leadership. Poor leadership that is rewarded and reelected rather than punished and voted out. Byron Brown’s reelection was secured in his primary victory against Mickey Kearns… I’m sorry, but given the epic failure of Brown and his “leadership” it is mind boggling the man even had a chance.

So, who is to blame for the bad leadership? The people. I am sorry to say it, but the truth hurts sometimes. When politicians like Byron Brown, or the slime ball Sam Hoyt get reelected despite their sleaziness and corruption, you might as well give them a blank check to do whatever they want because they know their transgressions will be forgiven at the ballot box because of the D after their name. And yes, I know Republican leaders share some blame and need accountability as well, but let’s face it… who runs the show here? Exactly.

Buffalo can be a great city again. But the status quo has to be rejected. We need leaders who can get things done. not leaders who sit by and let a new bridge remain unbuilt for over a decade or let the Skyway remain in place for God knows how long. Buffalo should be better than this. We have the potential, but we apparently don’t have the will to be better than what we are.

So, are we going let this city die a slow and miserable death? Or are we gonna do something about it?

  1. Liberalism is to blame…

  2. Field Marshal Tania permalink

    I’ve known Sam Hoyt for years. He’s not a “slime ball” in any sense. He fights like hell for Buffalo every day he’s in Albany. Get a clue.

  3. …and at night?

  4. David N. Glassman permalink

    My wife and I lived in Buffalo for about 1 year. We were excited to come to New York and be in Buffalo. To our shock it looked like the downtown area was hit by a bomb. Old factories wasting away, streets decayed, old houses that 50 years ago were probably great edifices but now stripped from any dignity.

    The last straw was when I took my wife to ECMC to the emergency room only to see things from a TV police drama. After about 20 minutes we saw two black men in their 20’s walking quickly to the ER counter. One was dripping blood from his eye where a bullet struck him. My wife was shocked. Yes, these things happen but we saw other cases coming in that were just as depressing. Drunks being carted in on gurneys, drug related injuries and more. One of the people at the front desk told me they get about 3 gun shots per week and too many over doses to count. I suppose we all must understand that the recession has hit and many become victims to it but this was too much for us.

    Your city is a rat hole and it seems it will stay that way for some time. There was no direction to fix this at city hall and all they could do was put ads out stating how great Buffalo is. Those old factories could be used to create enterprise zones in which companies could get rent subsidies and tax breaks for high tech startups. This is how silicon valley was started. Your city managers are MORONS and have no clue what to do!

    The bottom line: when you have ignorant people for voters you get morons in office. Therefore, until the people of Buffalo WAKE UP you will get what what you deserve.

  5. Mark Trinko permalink

    I am moving my family to Buffalo and we look forward to becoming a part of the solution. Is there not anyone there that will help us fix Buffalo?

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