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Rick Lazio Blasts New York Times Over Paterson Story

by on February 19, 2010

By now you have probably figured out that the big bombshell story about Governor Paterson was not much of a bombshell story. It certainly was nothing that would prompt Paterson’s resignation.

Rick Lazio has criticized the New York Times before for letting hype brew about the story without publishing it, because it “weakened the ability of David Paterson to govern.” Lazio has come out again in the wake of the story’s publication, to critcize the New York Times for shoddy journalism.

 “It is clear from the story today and the media frenzy of the past few weeks that the New York Times is using its power and prestige to denigrate Governor Paterson and to advance the candidacy of Andrew Cuomo. This is appalling. Governor Paterson being seen as ‘increasingly remote’ is an editorial opinion and hardly meets the journalistic standards that the New York Times supposedly holds for itself.”

Lazio says the New York Times has done themselves a disservice, and he is right. Whether this was just a scheme to sell more papers or a means of advancing Cuomo’s candidacy, it doesn’t matter, what was once the “paper of record” has cheapened itself to not much higher than a sleazy tabloid


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