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NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox Mucks Up Gubernatorial Race

by on March 19, 2010

The New York gubernatorial race takes another bizarre twist. Andrew Cuomo is still on the bench and Carl Paladino is allegedly going to announce on April 5, but the latest development is that Long Island Democrat Steve Levy is switching parties to run in the GOP primary.

Strangely enough, some county chairmen, and NY GOP Chairman Edward Cox and has  switched allegiance to Levy over Rick Lazio. In fact, there was apparently an effort by them to recruit Levy.

So, what do I make of this? I find Levy’s party switch to be opportunistic, and I find Ed Cox’s involvement in recruiting Levy to be wrong. Primaries can be bloody battles without party chairman and leadership taking sides in a primary campaign. It’s one thing with county chairman, it’s another when the state chairman does it. The state party, in a statewide election, ought to remain neutral in primary campaigns.

I could have respected Cox’s decision had he withdrawn his endorsment until the party picked their nominee. His actions hurt our party significantly, especially with the expected arrival of Carl Paladino to the race… Cox’s endorsement of Levy won’t help the perception of the upstate and downstate divide in New York. I can’t imagine party leaders sticking with Lazio are happy with Cox’s finagling with the race either, especially to support a Democrat who is merely running as a Republican because he sees that as a better shot of getting on the ballot in November.

All the while, Democrats will unite behind Andrew Cuomo, if he ever declares his candidacy, and we are left with a divided party. In what will otherwise be a great year for Republican candidates, New York Republicans are ensuring that New York will be the exception.

  1. Lazio might be a better fit for Senate…

  2. Andrew Willson permalink

    Each bit of this certainly feels like polotics, rather than acting in the name and desire of their constitutents. I won’t hide them my leanings are for some a middle ground run that doesn’t ignore problems while not going out of its way to screw people. A sort of psuedo-green things. I mention that because I don’t wish for my comments to seem like a blunt attack for trying to ruin chances of someone running. I’ve yet to see any person running that I could truely fall behind.

    Trying to build up a third party candidate might be the impetus either party needs to truly show off a solid candidate, if they continue this aggravating maneuvers then people need to say they can all take a hike. This is much easier said than done I know. The fight against American apathy towards politics will be uphill and grueling. Keep that in mind, we need people informed and involved. Throw out all these political players and lets moves towards an actual representative.

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