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Lazio Clobbers Levy In New Poll

by on March 22, 2010

NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox may be trying to handpick the party’s gubernatorial nominee, but a new Marist Poll shows that Empire State Republicans are thinking for themselves.

Looking ahead to the election for Governor, If the Republican primary for Governor were held today, who would you vote for if the candidates were:
Rick Lazio: 45%
Steve Levy: 16%
Of course, once those polled learn that Levy is a Democrat running as a Republican, the numbers shift eve more in Lazio’s favor.
To be clear, Rick Lazio is a former Republican Congressman, and Steve Levy is the current Democratic Suffolk County Executive. Knowing that, who would you vote for if the Republican primary for Governor were held today?
Rick Lazio: 60%
Steve Levy: 19%

What this poll does not have, unfortunately, is any data on Carl Paladino, who is close to entering the race.

Another interesting thing about the poll is that George Pataki is still beating Kirsten Gillibrand in a hypothetical matchup for her Senate seat.  Let’s hope he runs and wins. That will make repealing Obama’s government-run health care that much easier.


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  1. Pataki is well equipped to bring down Gilli but does he have the conviction needed to roll back Democare?
    As for Lazio… he better have one hell of a campaign team.

  2. Allison permalink

    Lazio is a total lightweight – he only has 600,000 dollars for his gubernatorial campaign. Yeah, good luck trying to win a NY seat with that pathetic amount. Apparently he already spent most of the original money he raised… greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaatttttt. Just what NY needs – another moron from JPMorgan trying to squander the little guy’s money.

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