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Fwd: Hypocrisy, Dirty Politics, & The Carl Paladino Emails

by on April 13, 2010

Well, things just got so much more interesting in the gubernatorial race. At least for a couple days. We all certainly get email forwards to us. Some are funny, some are stupid chain letters that we ignore (well, I ignore them anyway)… well it turns out that Carl Paladino is no different. Imagine that.

When I heard about this story on the radio, I pretty much knew who had leaked the emails. Turns out I was right. Big shock. The same left-wing robots who defended Sam Hoyt when his intern affair scandal broke and bashed Joe Illuzzi for leaking damaging emails were now behind an obvious smear campaign designed to impugn the tea party movement, which they so clearly fear.

It’s the hypocrisy that really irks me. The folks at WNYMedia were more than willing to give Sam Hoyt the benefit of the doubt, blame the messenger, and brand  the release of private emails as “dirty politics.” I can’t even begin to count the number of their like-minded politicians whose corruption they turn a blind eye to.  Perhaps the best quote demonstrating this hypocrisy comes from this gem on the Hoyt scandal back in 2008.

In my opinion, unless the women were interns at the time of their affair with Hoyt, there’s nothing to see here. If they were both adults, the affairs were consensual, and he had no power or authority over them, then it’s a personal matter between Hoyt and his family and shouldn’t be fodder for chatter. Hoyt’s political life should rise and fall based on his results in Albany, not on where he drops his pants. Certainly it’s a moral failing on his part, and some voters may decide that he is unelectable based on that, and I understand that, and that’s fair. I’m not saying the stories shouldn’t have been published. What I am saying is that we really don’t need to be treated to all the titillating details, and we really don’t need to see the actual emails. There’s a fine line between publishing newsworthy information and piling on.

And here were are, about two years later, and WNYMedia has a different take on the merits of publishing damaging emails. It looks to me like they were  “piling on.” I’d bet plenty of money that the same numb-nuts who manufactured this smear get plenty of racey jokes and off-color humor in their email inboxes and pass them along because they are funny.

Guess what? I get lots of anti-Obama emails and on more than one occasion I have forwarded them along… I guess that makes me a racist.

Guess what?  I’ve received email forwards with jokes about women who can’t drive (or park), men who only think about sex… I must be a sexist!

And who are the left-wing robots at WNYMedia to be critical?  How can they pretend to object to obscene emails, but no problem with regular obscene language on their site, such as constantly refering to tea-party activists as “teabaggers.”

Their hypocrisy, of course, is a separate issue from the content of the emails, which is for individuals to judge. Though I am sure if Carl Paladino was a Democrat, and Joe Illuzzi had leaked the same emails, WNYMedia would be defending him to no end. There would probably even be a blog post saying something like this:

Paladino’s political future should be based on his positions on the issues, not on personal emails he forwards. Certainly it’s a moral failing on his part, and some voters may decide that he is unelectable based on that, and I understand that, and that’s fair. I’m not saying the stories shouldn’t have been published. What I am saying is that we really don’t need to be treated to all the titillating details, and we really don’t need to see the actual emails. There’s a fine line between publishing newsworthy information and piling on.

But they won’t, because to them, Paladino is just another “teabagger.” The standards they want applied to their political allies is different from tho ones they want applied to their political adversaries. Now, because of their actions, Paladino is getting death threats because WNYMedia has people believing that Paladino is a racist.

Of course, what conservative hasn’t been called a racist by WNYMedia? “You want tax cuts, smaller government? You’re a racist! You didn’t vote for Obama? You’re a bigot!” You know the drill.

This situation has less to do with Paladino’s campaign than it has to with attempting to discredit the tea party movement. Polls show the Tea Party is not on the fringe, but in fact mainstream.

Tea Partiers have been dismissed as a fringe, but two new polls suggest the conservative movement might be going mainstream.

A Rasmussen poll released Monday found more Americans identify with the Tea Party groups than with President Obama.

According to the survey, 48 percent of voters said the average Tea Party activist is more aligned with their views on major issues than the president. Forty-four percent said Obama’s views are closer to theirs.

That came on top of a USA Today/Gallup poll that found more than a quarter of Americans affiliate themselves with the Tea Party movement.

This comes just as we are learning of a coordinated effort by the left to discredit the movement by infiltrating tea party rallies with offensive or ridiculous signs.

It’s time for the left wingers of Western New York and the country to accept that the tea party movement is not a fringe group, and that instead of avoiding debating the issues of lower taxes and smaller government they ought to engage in debate if they think their positions are so much better. If the left thinks the government knows better than the people, and should  raise taxes, then why don’t they make case for that, instead of avoiding the issues they are bringing to the forefront of the debate?

UPDATE: Marc Odien accuses me of trying to promote this site through WNYMedia “for years.” Now that’s a laugh. I have only lived in New York for two years… so much for that silliness. Second, In the two years I have been here, I have never, not once, posted a comment on any blog in their network. I never post comments on blogs other than mine after an incident in 2003 when someone created a fake email address and went around liberal sites, claiming to be me and posting racist things. So, I fail to see how I have been trying to promote my site through theirs. So, once again, just goes to show you how little the truth matters to that crowd.

But, Marc, if you really do feel that way, go ahead and tell all the bloggers at WNYMedia to take this site off their blogrolls if it is on them (and there is at least one) and tell them never to link here. Go ahead. Do you really think I care? Get off your high horse you narcissistic moron

UPDATE II: How about that, this itty bitty blog has irked Mr. Odien so much he just had to devote an entire blog entry to respond. The funny thing about it is how he starts off declaring how insignificant I am, then proceeds to not only ramble on with repeating personal attacks, complete with supporting screenshots and such… all at 1:40 in the morning!

And for what? To prove that over the course of two years I have linked to WNYMedia? Wow, imagine that! Imagine one blog linking to another! I guess I should have just ignored their existance for the past two years? No, probably not, because then I’d be accused of living in an echo chamber, only reading and linking to like-minded blogs.

And what about the links I’ve given to WNYMedia? Most if not all were to Buffalo Pundit, who, shortly after I moved here and starting this blog I have had a somewhat friendly acquaintanceship with… we’ve had lunch a few times, and been on the radio together on WBEN. Is it really so hard to fathom that I would link to him in response to something he’s written, especially if it was about me or something I wrote? Either Odien wants to believe there was some diabolical plot to capitalize on WNYMedia’s Google ranking, or he wants others to think there was. Whatever satisfies his ego I guess.

But, that’s fine. I don’t have to link to any WNYMedia site again. And any WNYMedia blogger doesn’t have to link to anything I write. Doesn’t bother me one bit. I certainly won’t be sitting up thinking about this until 1:40 am like some people.

UPDATE III: A reader asks if Marc’s numbers (regarding how many times I’ve link to WNYMedia) are true. I decided it probably would be worth checking. As it turns out, his numbers are off. First, here’s what he said.

80+ times in less than two YEARS, you’ve felt that content on WNYmedia (which you say you don’t read) was worth linking to. That’s about 15% of your posts.  Almost 1 in 8 to be exact.

According to my own search, only 54 posts link to WNYMedia (including a few drafts that were never published but I’ll include anyway.) More than half are in 2008, which was a year with several races that involved mutual linking between Buffalo Pundit and The Buffalo Bean. This post marks only the second time this year I have linked/mentioned WNYMedia, and I only linked/mentioned them nine times in 2009. Not exactly what most people would call a blatant attempt to promote my site through theirs. In all, the true percentage of posts that mention WNYMedia is eight percent. Yup. For every hundred posts, only eight make a reference to them. Sorry Marc, you are wrong again.

UPDATE IV: Here’s a great take on the situation:

I would like to announce that, due to prior transgressions, I am no longer a candidate for political office.

Although I’m not running for anything, it appears that my goose is cooked. I’ve done something horribly, horribly wrong.

Oh, the shame.

I’ve laughed at the movie Blazing Saddles.

I also laughed when I watched the movie The Aristocrats, a documentary about an incredibly filthy joke — usually involving incest, violence, bestiality, defecation and more — that is considered the “secret handshake” of comedians.

There’s a reason why I’m bringing this up: Taste is subjective. What you find funny I may not, and vice-versa. I’m a fan of rock music and shy away from country music. Some people I know hold the opposite feelings concerning music. It’s true with many subjects. In politics, it’s left versus right. Leno or Conan. Letterman or Leno. CBC Olympic coverage or NBC’s.

While it is attainable to tell a joke that couldn’t possibly offend a single person, my experience — both with telling and observing — tells me jokes that generate the greatest belly-laughs tend to lean toward the ones that are either gross, crude or offend a group of people.

I reviewed the scant few examples reported by that embattled gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino apparently e-mailed to people he knows. They are all visual examples, and many are extremely crude. A couple of them have even been sent to me by friends, and I deleted them because, quite frankly, they’re not funny.

The bottom line here — and what’s far more important than WNYMedia’s hypocrisy — is that they are attacking a person for being racist when they damn well know he is not. It is interesting though that they criticize me for allegedly not doing or suggesting anything to better Western New York, and yet, for the past week they have incessantly attacked a man who has done more for Western New York they ever have or could ever do in their lifetimes.

  1. I’ll tell you what, Matt.

    You’ve never once written one solitary word about how to make WNY a better place to work, live, and raise a family. Not once. Your only shtick is to tell us that Republicans are good and Democrats are communards.

    Of course, that’s your prerogative, and I strongly doubt you’ll respond to this comment because you seldom engage in debate or argument about things that you write.

    But as for the quote re: Hoyt in 2008, the point was missed by you because the issues of Hoyt’s affairs were well publicized. If I wanted to pile on with respect to Paladino, I’d publish all 65 of the emails that I received.

    You can defend his email proclivities all you want, even as you mischaracterize when and why people get called racist (hint: it’s when they send pictures with the word “ni**er” on it, or a video showing Obama’s inauguration, but really it’s an African tribal dance – you just defended that as perfectly ok).

    But in the meantime, we’ll continue to wait and see you come up with a single, solitary way that New York can be made better. And I’m not talking about your standard “lower taxes, less government, trickle down, cut spending” bullshit. I’m talking about actual ideas for a post-industrial wasteland to drag its ass out of 50 years’ worth of economic, social, and political decline.

    New York lived under Ronald Reagan, George Bush 1, George Bush 2, and George Pataki. Yet here we are, a backwards-ass place.

    Although I confess that your feigned insult at the use of “teabagger” is quaint.

  2. WNYmedia is instigation journalism…

  3. Brooks, you’re a troll. I asked a very serious question. While Matt and Carl may enjoy painting us as liberal media elites or whatever, we also have probably thousands of blog posts suggesting or proposing serious, nonpartisan fundamental structural reforms that would help return New York’s government to its people.

    Whether it means abolition of the parasitic Enron accounting of our state Authorities, consolidation and abolition of redundant levels of municipal government, abolition of the anachronistic and pointless state senate, a degree of autonomy for upstate so that it can chart a different economic course from NYC and surrounding counties, or ideas concerning business creation, funding, training, and reduction in taxes, regulatory burdens, and fees.

    Between Chris Smith and I, we’ve proposed these and countless other ideas for fixing New York State.

    Brooks – what have you come up with? What has Matt Margolis proposed? (Also, IIRC, you were right in there with the leaked “Jon Powers was rude to a cop” ticket in 2008, so let’s stop pretending that you’re somehow above revealing information that’s embarrassing to a candidate, shall we? That’d be swell.

  4. The WNYmedia clique antaganizes those who disagree with their MSNBC type political assumptions with derogatory name calling. Supporting the Constitution, smaller government, and a balanced budget is a meet with vile incriminations on your web site. WNYmedia’s discourse poisons the proverbial well…

  5. Brooks, you’re a troll.

  6. But I’m not a name caller… debates are more fun that way.

  7. Whatever. You don’t debate. You bring up irrelevant non-sequiturs.

  8. It is not easy to present a valid point while simultaneously defending oneself from derogatory name calling…

  9. Pete singer permalink

    I think the right and left both suck..

    You guys are all looking for ratings and continue to regurgitate each other.

    Spend more time exposing the corruption and presenting facts that matter. Maybe you can get a 5 star rating this way.

    NYS is the worst fiscal downturn because of the ass holes in Albany and you guys want fucking medals..

    Join the Army then..

  10. Becky permalink

    Yes, actually, you are considered racist and sexist for thinking these things are funny and forwarding them along. Forwarding them along means that you approve of them. These emails are disgusting and disrespectful, and if you can’t admit to yourself that you are sexist and racist for condoning these emails then you really need to understand what it means to be these things, and you should probably take another look at yourself. You can pretend that racism and sexism has faded away but they really hasn’t. Especially when people get a good laugh by things like this. Lovely, that you take such pride in your “male white privilege.”

  11. Buffalopundit permalink

    Knew it.

  12. Alan’s non sequitur?

  13. No, I’m commenting on the fact that the author of this post is too cowardly to defend his assertions.

    Politics is fun and all, but part of politics is policy. This right here is just a propaganda site, so the hypocrisy is palpable. hth.

  14. Rightforwny permalink

    Keep up the good work Matt. You hit the nail on the head. If it was a paying DEM it would have been a non-story like Hoyt. They keep saying the never got the e-mails yet they were freely available and they never published them. Yet every day they read the Buffalo News and re-hash the stories. They claim the don’t get paid and I found out first hand they lie about it. I asked them early on, as they bashed Sheriff Howard, if the Glascott campaign was paying them. O-boy-im-done said no. I kept asking, finally they said yes but got caught up in symantics. All you have over there are a bunch of frustrated want-to-be journalists who have tons of skeletons in their own closets. Just note the amout of profanity in the bloggers posts. Even the one amied at you today (sh*t stained…). This is the way the far left operates; bully, distort the facts, lie about the people in their own party with the same problems, deflect and attack. We see how America feels about their type. Today Obama is at a 51% disapporoval rate. These free loaders feel comfortable taking their government handouts while our Constitution is destroyed. Finally I get a kick out them accusing you of being me. Its killing them over there…eating them up! Small minds. Keep up your conservative word!
    Rightforwny or Steve

  15. Pete permalink

    First: Now that all the accusations have been made, I would like to decide for myself just how bad these Emails are. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Really, some people look for offence at every chance. And face it, Paladino has a few enemies.
    Second: Everyone gets a lot of Emails and many people just pass them along, good or bad, without judging. Passing along an Email does not mean that you live your life that way.
    Third: They must have been good. How do I get on Carl’s list?

  16. Steve, was Collins on his way to deliver your check when he got into a fender-bender yesterday?

  17. Rightforwny permalink

    Was that your brother driving the car?

  18. Right to be Heard permalink

    Buffalo Pundit is a hypocrite.

    He called out the Tea Party Monday as it came to Buffalo because there was something “far more important going on that day” here than their tour stop.

    It was also far more important than releasing the Carl Paladino emails.

    I didn’t see wnymedia covering Sgt. Frank World’s funeral procession. I did see them sticking the camera in Carl Paladino’s face down at the Tea Party rally. I also didn’t see a post about Sgt. World until Buffalo Pundit used it as a way to bash the Tea Party.

    What is more important you sad tool of a man?

  19. No, given the poor accident avoidance it was probably someone completely incompetent, like Tim Howard.

  20. WNYmedia suffers from mental hypersensitivity…
    We can only assume that Liberalism is to blame.

  21. Rightforwny permalink

    Theres a surprise again Pun-dick, attack the GOP for no apparent reason. I stand by my post, ya loser.

  22. RightforWNY/steve.

    My email address is posted on my website. Please write to me so that we can continue this debate in person, and no longer sully the pristine confines of Matt’s debate-free comments section.

    I trust I’ll hear from you shortly.

    Thanks so much.

  23. That tea party on monday was astroturfed nonsense. It was a mobile merchandising gimmick masquerading as a political movement.

    I know. I was there.

    So, yeah – if the people buying swag downtown had lined Mr. World’s funeral procession instead, their efforts would have been much appreciated by his family.

    No, we didn’t “cover” the funeral procession. I can’t imagine anything being in worse taste than sticking a camera in the faces of a grieving wife and kids.

  24. Right to be Heard permalink

    Notice Buffalo Pundit didn’t answer my comment. Debate over, he has been outed for the hypocrite he is and should be ashamed for using a dead soldier in this way.

  25. Right to be Heard permalink

    I see he did comment while I was posting mine.

    Seriously Pundit, that is all you got?

    Instead of you or anyone else from wnymedia lining the procession route to honor a dead soldier, you decided going to a Tea Party rally or releasing pornographic emails was more important?

  26. I guarantee the WNYmedia staff had to watch those email videos countless times to make sure they were appalled…

  27. wnymedia permalink

    well Ill be damn, Look who showed up to the party. Almost as if on cue.
    Matt you are really pathetic, hiding behind a the names rightforwny and steve.
    No one cares what you have to say anyways. You can use your real name.

  28. It doesn’t work to accuse me of using fake names to comment on my own blog when those comments are being made while I am at work… in other words, not on the internet, not on my blog…

    is that the best you can do? Make up silly accusations and hope something sticks?

  29. Right to be Heard permalink

    Oh God, people start calling out wnymedia for what they are and they get all pissy.

    What’s next? Chris Smith will come on here wearing his tinfoil hat and say we are dummies.

    Their idea of debate is acting like a bunch of twelve year old boys and calling people douche bags. Real intellectual discourse for the feeble minded.

    They claim wnymedia was hit with a dos attack the day they released the Paladino e-mails. No proof at all of course. The reality is that they just have a poorly managed website with a lot of server heavy crap that when taxed with a lot of visitors, the site takes a shit. They are a joke in local web design circles and mocked accordingly for their lack of any real new media skills.

    Wnymedia is on par with the Michael Scott Paper Company.

  30. Yeah, I don’t think Matt is Steve/rightforwny. At least Matt has a brain in his head – his brain may be woefully misguided, but at least it’s there. Steve is just Chris Collins’ robot and a cyberstalker of anything having to do with WNYMedia.

    What I’m more amused by is the fact that Matt won’t address his own hypocrisy and high-horsedness (although any horse imagery is very welcome this week).

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