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Tea Partiers Forget to be Violent, Prejudiced Loons

by on April 13, 2010

They’re rather subdued for alleged militants.  A large contingent of small-government aficionados assembled to greet the Tea Party Express in Buffalo on Monday as a means of opposing government’s expanding tendencies both nationally and locally.  They were also supposed to display how sexist/racist/homophobic they are, although, whoops, nobody present acted how Janeane Garofalo thinks they do.  I refuse to allow the possibility that she is wrong cross my mind.

That said, I didn’t survey the crowd to see if there were clandestine bigots present who are also in Carl Paladino’s address book, although it would of course be silly to freak out about an entire movement because one of their preferred candidates negligently passed along crudely and/or disgustingly unfunny e-mails.  Foes can enjoy sifting through the gubernatorial hopeful’s sent mail, although they’ve apparently found no occasions where he wished for a political rival’s death.  That would be beyond over the line.

But ignoring the traditional media’s portrayal has become second nature for this group.  On that note, it’s amusing that the protest took place within sight of The Buffalo News building.  While I’m uncertain if any unassigned staffers walked over, failure to do so just means they missed the awesomeness that was hearing Victoria Jackson’s songs about her take on Obamacare and whether she thinks Obama is a communist. The answers are 1) she doesn’t care for it, and 2) yes.  Her rhetorical intemperance was overcome by her still-evident adorableness.

The other speakers served lots of delicious red meat.  It’s always fun to boo Harry Reid, Democraticare, and local shame Louise Slaughter.  But everyone did so without shrieking, resorting to cuss words, smashing property, maintaining the president is a Nazi, or any other unseemly behavior.  Nobody in the well-behaved gathering slurred ethnicities or planned an armed insurrection, either, as every single person forgot to exploit stereotypes for some baffling reason.

Instead, everyone seemed to just want options.  The number of attendees served as a reminder of how infuriating it is that there wasn’t at least a choice for Buffalo’s mayoral race, which is especially galling considering how City Hall fritters away cash like the type of lottery winner who’s also been on Cheaters.

Of course, Buffalo’s leaders are just aping the state’s profligate manner.  As that melodramatic kid in the all-time favorite Partnership for a Drug-Free America ad would explain, “You, all right?  I learned it by watching you!”

Thankfully, people such as speaker Leonard Roberto, who announced during brief remarks his intention to run against Brian Higgins, are out to provide voters with indispensable options.  We can all enjoy the prospect of being able to choose more than the same person as either a candidate of the Democratic or Working Families party.

On a related note, the reason for the protest was embodied by its location.  The area around the Commercial Slip has largely sat desolate for decades; there’s finally some progress after endless governmental spending and planning, although it’s almost seemingly come despite bureaucratic efforts.

Alternately, reducing the tax burden and opening the area to pioneering entrepreneurs would have brought commerce and a high volume of foot traffic to the site by now.  As it stands, the retail activity is largely limited to selling rattlesnake flags at protests which, compelling or not, will only take place intermittently.  I did what I could to contribute economically.

As for the rest of the city, the virtually limitless potential is sadly contrasted by the prevalent stagnancy.  By chance, decades of federal, state, county, and city scheming have provoked economic rot.  The left can sputter all they want over the stupid e-mails Paladino forwarded.  It’s actually helpful in exposing how they can’t differentiate between a dubious sense of humor and actual racism.

Paladino’s foes can pretend his carelessness or questionable take on comedy serves a genuine distraction.  In a way, it does: it’s an attempt by big-government fanatics to try to change the subject away from how their failed policies have created economic devastation. 

Those who came know where the real problems begin.  The press and the president’s dwindling band of supporters can pretend they’re dealing with scared, angry bigots.  But the scene adjacent to the Skyway demonstrated how demonstrators should behave.

Everyone was demanding, adamantly but respectfully, one thing: let us do it.  The people can’t be any worse at spending the money they earn than most politicians are at it.

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  1. …in stark contrast to the Ellicott Sq Building bomb threat inspired by WNYmedia’s brand of “journalism.”

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