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Obama Visits Buffalo Next Week

by on May 6, 2010

I bet the news of Obama’s pending visit to Buffalo got the folks at WNYMedia even more excited than when they all watched the horse video from Carl Paladino’s emails.

President Barack Obama plans to visit Buffalo next Thursday as the next stop on his “Main Street tour” of American communities, sources said this morning.

Details of the president’s visit are still being worked out, but he is expected to discuss the economy in a speech in the Buffalo area. Sources said he is expected to meet with workers, small business owners and local leaders about ways to bolster job growth.

So, he’s coming to talk about the economy… Well, that makes sense he’d come to our miserable, dying city to talk about the economy. Seeing as how very little ever seems to get done right here, Obama will feel right at home. We got the heavy influence of unions, corrupt Democrat leaders, stifled economic growth and development. We got the vacant Statler Towers that stand as a symbol of so much potential going to waste.

 And what can he tell small business owners when he’s here? His policies are going to result in them having to fire workers or prevent them from expanding. He can’t even point to anything he’s done as a glimmer of hope as his economic policies have failed miserably. How’s that stimulus working Obama? It’s good thing we had that, otherwise unemployment would have gone over 8 percent.

Oh wait, it did… and it’s still above 8 percent. Woops.

Well, have fun in Buffalo next week Obama…  Enjoy this miserable, dying city that has no hope of improving while you are in office.

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  1. Steve permalink

    Yeah Matt, those boys over at wny media are like school girls at their first dance. I can see them now huddling trying to figure out how to get their mics and “reporters” into the action. Most would never make it past the background checks.

  2. What better place to see how Liberal philosophies come to fruition than Buffalo.

    Regarding wnymedia, their teabagging fantasies will shift hard Left for the next week. Open wide and say Obama…

  3. Steve permalink

    I agree Brooks. Just look at the picture of Obama they have posted, looking real Presidential. Then look at the Domagalski, Palidino, Collins and any other GOP’er pics they use. They are like grade school children over there. Nothing but big POTTY mouths.

  4. Right to be Heard permalink

    The Obama show in the liberal wasteland of WNY.

    I can’t wait to see idiots like Poloncarz and Byron Brown following Obama like lost little puppies looking for their bitches’ teet.


    Odien, Bedenko, amd Smith act like twelve year old girls at sleepover.

    What have any of them done to really change things here in WNY except write on their joke of website?

  5. How uncomfortably close will Brian Higgins get to Obama before the Secret Service takes notice?

    Be careful criticizing wnymedia, the next time their site shuts down they might blame you for a DDOS attack.

  6. Well, Right to be Heard, I’ve donated hours of my time, loads of free items, loads of money, and even run for office.

    What have you done, Right to be Heard? What’s your real name?

    All of you are such pussies – especially Steve, who I have invited to meet with me several times, yet he absolutely refuses.

    Obliterate the anonymity, and you’re all timid little babies, drooling onto your copies of the Fountainhead.

  7. AB running for office does not make WNY a better place, AB not winning that office… yes.

  8. Brooks – what part of my platform did you disagree with?

  9. Mr. Bedenko, with all due respect, you are a two-bit Liberal.
    Nothing personal, only principle.

  10. Steve permalink

    AB can’t run for office again, his potty mouth/articles would doom him. Thank God!

  11. Brooks – I didn’t ask you for your opinion of whether I’m a 25 cent liberal.

    My specific question asked “what part of my platform did you disagree with?” I’m still waiting for an answer.

    Steve: my email address: buffalopundit[at] You and I MUST have coffee soon. I wonder why you avoid me?

  12. Mr. Bedenko, Your platform failed to denounce Statism as a den of entitlementarian thieves.

  13. “Brooks” –

    1. I was running for the Erie County Legislature.

    2. I asked you “what part of my platform did you disagree with” not, “what was missing from my platform”.

    Come on. I’m waiting.

    And Steve – I don’t have an email from you yet suggesting a time/place for that coffee – why’s that?

  14. Mr. Bedenko,
    Are you asking me what part of the WNY Coalition for Progress/New Democrats of WNY platform I disagree with?

  15. No. The Coalition for Progress is extinct, and I’m not a member of the New Dems.

    I’m asking you what part of _my campaign platform_ you disagree with. Here it is:

    Serving the District

    To me, “public service” isn’t just a catchphrase. I will make myself available to the people I serve by mail, by office hours, and via the internet. Through my weblog, “Buffalo Pundit“, I have weighed in on just about every major issue affecting Buffalo and Western New York. But my opinion alone isn’t what’s important to me. A growing community has developed around the blog, and readers offer their own opinions, and the conversation that develops helps bring agreement and consensus.

    I will offer that dialogue to my constituents and will hear your opinion and address your concerns. The issues facing the district are varied and complex. I will keep you updated on the legislature’s work and solicit your feedback on what matters to you.

    Fiscal Conservatism

    Among the reasons I left the Republican Party was the growing fiscal irresponsibility I saw in Washington, Albany, and Erie County. Sure, they’d lower taxes, but spending would either stay the same or skyrocket. Time has proven that this has become an untenable situation, and we have the 2005 budget crisis to show for it. The most important thing the legislature does is collect and spend your money. I am fully aware that New Yorkers bear one of the highest tax burdens in the nation. I will work to ease that burden by working with the administration and county comptroller to make sure our money is spent wisely. Taxation and spending must be reasonable and controlled. Fraud, waste, inefficiency, and irresponsible patronage can no longer be tolerated, and I’ll work to ease people’s ability to report it, and then we’ll fix it and prosecute those who break the law.

    You’ll hear just about every candidate for county office tell you that only $100 million of our over $1 billion budget is “discretionary”, in other words – controlled locally. The remainder is used to pay for services mandated by Albany. But that’s wrong. Albany doesn’t say, “Erie County, spend $900,000.” Instead, it tells Erie County what services to provide. Are we offering those services as efficiently as possible? Through performance-based budgeting – which the people of Erie County overwhelmingly voted for as part of last year’s budget revisions – we can focus on performance and task-completion, and then examine the processes we use and the money we spend to achieve them. If we pair that with a “county-stat” type monitoring program, and hold county departments responsible for their goals and efficiency, we can begin having an effect on that supposedly untouchable “mandated” portion of the county budget.

    Getting Results

    Cooperation – not conflict – leads to progress. Party labels don’t matter much to me – I’ll work with both sides of the aisle to make sure that my agenda of growth and stability is accomplished.

    In 2005, when the budget crisis canceled a generations-old tradition of a Santa’s Park at Chestnut Ridge Park, I had pulled together a team of organizers, volunteers, and donors to maintain a small part of our quality of life, but also to show people that when problems strike, there is something we can do as average citizens. In 2006, when revisions to the county charter were being discussed, I attended every public hearing to advocate for a slate of proposals that the WNY Coalition for Progress had set forth. Some of our ideas were later implemented, showing again that average citizens can indeed make a difference when they participate.

    Moving the 4th Forward

    We all want this region to grow and prosper. We want people and businesses to locate here and stay. Regulations, taxes, and other impediments to growth must be reformed and our burden eased. It’s more than just voting in lockstep with one’s party, or saying “no” when it’s convenient. It means working with people and getting things done.

    Promoting Merit, Demoting Patronage

    I’ve proposed a politically blind method of hiring county workers that focuses solely on merit and qualifications. Let’s eliminate the political favoritism and payback that goes on so pervasively throughout the county’s departments.

  16. Sensible Liberals run on Conservative themes for good reason… honesty is a tough sell for some. However, relying on my judgements of character, I am sure that we disagree on all the good things Chris Christie is doing for New Jersey.

  17. Brooks:

    You can’t answer a simple question. You’re a knee-jerk conservative who only hones in on the liberal things I write with which it’s easy for you to disagree. You ignore the fact that on matters having to do with local and state government, I am – and always have been – quite conservative and advocate all the time for not just reform, but a fundamental revolution in the way New York and Erie County tax, spend, and operate.

    The fact that you deliberately choose to ignore that because I happen to be an Obama supporter and registered Democrat makes you a closed-minded phony.

    Also, you may recall being called a troll at WNYMedia? Yeah, bringing up Chris Christie is trollish, in that it is completely and utterly beside the point.

  18. Bedenko,
    Character counts in life and in politics.
    You would not have the courage to cut spending no matter what your platform states. I mentioned Chris Christie to prove the point.
    With regards to being called a troll by wnymedia… I managed to stay on point despite the nasty name calling by your brethren. The crass comments directed at me, for arguing about such things as the budgetary concerns of healthcare reform, caused me to politely exit your boorish realm of “political reporting,” or as I like to call it “instigation journalism.”
    Again nothing personal, I love and respect all individuals…

  19. You know nothing of my character, as I know nothing of yours.

    Obviously, you didn’t read what I posted, because it’s not about “cutting spending”, it’s about making we are spending the bare minimum necessary to meet state mandates – making sure everything is being offered as efficiently as possible to deliver the mandated services. The discretionary spending the legislature has complete control over? Cutting it would depend on a case-by-case basis.

    I wonder why Chris Collins added $300,000 to the Colored Musician’s Club after the legislature had allocated no money to it.

  20. Cutting spending should be the crux of any discussion in this political climate.
    Granted, bucking state mandates might seem primitive to the established politician, but that animal is a dying breed. People, and I assume you disagree, are howling for balanced sustainable budgets. Entitlementarians should see the cyrillic writing on the wall…

  21. Well, entitlements aren’t written in Cyrillic, and there remains no Communist country in the world that uses that particular alphabet. So perhaps your worldview could use a refresher from those heady days in 1988 when the wall from Stettin to Trieste was still in operation.

    I don’t know how you “assume” that I am against balanced sustainable budgets, but credible economists agree that deficit spending is sometimes downright necessary to help stimulate moribund economies. Just ask Ronald Reagan.

    Furthermore, this entire thread began with this statement you made:

    AB running for office does not make WNY a better place, AB not winning that office… yes.

    Mike Ranzenhofer had been in the county leg for 18 years at the time. I challenge you to name a single accomplishment of his during that time.

    And at least I had the wherewithall to actually sacrficice a Summer and half an Autumn to run for office and challenge that do-nothing, and present a platform with real ideas for real change. You can anonymously insult that effort if you wish and go back to your blogspot blog and post youtube videos without comment, but query which effort is more useful.

    And incidentally, you’ve utterly failed to identify a single platform plank of mine with which you disagree, thus underscoring the fact that mine was something anyone could get behind, and your insult was nothing more than uninformed bullshit.

    Also- Steve – why haven’t I got an email from you yet? I’m free all next week!

  22. Right to be Heard permalink

    Pussy, what are you fucking 12?

    You and your gang at Wnynotmedia are cowards.

    Didn’t you cry when skunkpost did a parody set of pictures of you? That coward is being a pussy.

    What do want a fucking medal for donating stuff to Mark Poloncarz and being a shill for the ECDC. How noble of you!

  23. Bedenko,
    Do not pretend to be a budget hawk when you enthusiastically supported the Healthcare Reform Bill, the mother of all entitlement programs… and yes an eventual county legislative budget buster.

  24. Steve – gosh, I still don’t have an email from you. You’re the one avoiding me. Therefore, you’re the pussy. Let’s go, hotshot.

  25. Steve permalink

    Why the obsession with me? I’m not right to be heard. Why would I want coffee with you? You are as far left liberal as one can go. I’m very right conservative. We won’t have much in common. Plus, I wouldn’t want to be sitting there listening to that potty mouth of yours.

  26. Steve permalink

    Yeah, as soon as you prove your web site isn’t a DEM pay-for-play shill site.

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