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Places Obama Should Visit In Buffalo

by on May 12, 2010

Okay, as details of Barack Obama’s visit have been revealed, one thing that is clear is that he will barely be here. From what I understand the amount of time between when Air Force One touchesdown at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport and when it departs is three hours. So, all that time, energy, and taxdollars being spent on this visit seems to be wasted, especially since his visit isn’t open to the public.

So, if Obama was gonna make a worthwhile visit to Buffalo, where ought he go visit? I have a few ideas:

  • The Unfinished Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino – It stands as a monument to how the Senecas have been screwed by our local government, which seems determined to oppose anything that can help the economy and create jobs – just like Obama.
  • The Top of the Skyway – Since Brian Higgins will certainly be tagging along, the top of the Skyway would be a good place to visit as a symbols of Higgins’ broken promises to rid the city of this old, unsafe eyesore.
  • The New Peace Bridge – Which doesn’t exist yet and we all know why.
  • The Statler Towers – Another example of so much potential going to waste in the city.
  • WNYMedia’s Offices – Even a short visit to Buffalo would give Obama the opportunity to sit in one of WNYMedia’s hourly screenings of “the horse f***ing video.” I am sure they wouldn’t even charge him for popcorn.
  • My Office – So I can give Obama a piece of my mind.
  • The Anchor Bar – While I admittedly haven’t sampled all the best places to get buffalo wings in the city, of the places I have this is my favorite.
  • Any Indian Reservation gas station – Gas prices keep going up, and WNY’s gas prices are still higher than the national average.  What has anyone, even Brian Higgins, really done about it?

When I think of other good spots for Obama to visit I will add them here.

  1. Bedenko meets Obama at Duffs:

    The alias “Luann Haley” isn’t fooling anybody.

  2. Steve permalink

    I knew that “woman” looked familiar…

  3. I still say Duff’s is better than Anchor Bar, although I’ve only been to the original Duff’s not the new ones

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