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Obama Gets Buffalo Wings

by on May 13, 2010

That pretty much sums up his entire trip. At least from a national perspective.

A quick perusal of online stories about Obama’s split-second trip to our miserable, dying city finds that the non-Buffalo media (and blogs) really dug the fact that Obama got buffalo wings in Buffalo.

USA Today: Obama orders some Buffalo wings
NY Daily News: President Obama gets saucy reception at Buffalo chicken wings shop
Associated Press: Obama eats Buffalo wings in Buffalo
Obama in Buffalo: Wings for Lunch

You get the point…

But, that’s okay. That was probably more significant than the b.s. he was trying to get everyone else to swallow about the economy. If you believe Obama, he singlehandedly rescued the economy, and 9.9% unemployment is what he calls “beyond a shadow of a doubt … headed in the right direction.” All while ignoring the failure of his stimulus and touting job growth numbers inflated by the temporary hiring of census workers.

It kind of reminds me how when Bush was President, and the unemployment rate kept going down (towards 4 percent) and Democrats acted like it was the Great Depression. Now that Obama has our economy lingering around 10 percent and they act like things are fantastic.

Eat your damn buffalo wings Obama. At least when you are stuffing your face with local cuisine you can’t talk.

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