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It's Rick

by on June 2, 2010

Time to unite.

The former Congressman Rick A. Lazio emerged as the Republican Party’s preferred candidate for governor at an often raucous convention in Manhattan on Wednesday, dealing a fatal blow to the efforts of Steve Levy,the Suffolk County executive, to become the nominee of a party he joined only in March.

The outcome left the state party’s leadership in disarray at a time when many believe Republicans should be poised for their best showing at the polls in more than a decade. The party’s relatively new chairman, Edward F. Cox, had largely staked his job on courting Mr. Levy to join the Republican ranks and then endorsed his candidacy, claiming he had the best chances against the Democratic nominee, Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.

This was hardly unexpected. Even though the GOP race getting closer to looking a lot like the 2003 California recall election, I’d like to believe that the New York GOP can now unite behind RIck Lazio and try to win this race.

Sadly, I don’t see it happening. Carl Paladino will still try to get on the ballot. I know he’s the favorite son of Western New York Republicans, but I am not seeing him do well outside this area.

Then there’s the Ed Cox issue. Sorry Ed, but after the Steve Levy mess, they best thing you can do for the party is not be the chairman. Nothing personal. But there were other races for him to be focusing on getting good, viable candidates for. Kirsten Gillibrand is vulnerable, but with no formidable opponent, she’s got little to worry about in November.

The NY GOP has a lot of problems, the missed opportunities this year are a reflection of that. This party needs to shape up.

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