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NY-27: Roberto Criticizes Firing of General McChrystal

by on June 24, 2010

Obama’s incompetence and lack of leadership has resulted in a compromised mission in Afghanistan, which ultimately caused increased loss of life in the region. Yet, General McChrystal and some of his aides express their frustration with the administration, and he’s the one that has resign? Figure that out.

I understand all the issues with chain of command, etc. etc., but this was more about Obama’s bruised ego, and his need to show dominance than anything else.

Congressional candidate Leonard Roberto, released a statement critical of McChrystal’s firing.

The disparaging comments made by General Stanley McChrystal and his staff to a Rolling Stone reporter about President Obama, Vice-President Joseph Biden, and other administration officials were unfortunate and ill-considered. As a veteran of the United States Navy I understand the necessity for military discipline and respect for the chain of command. I also believe that it is clear that the U.S. Constitution gives elected civilian representatives the ultimate authority on military action, and challenges to that authority by military officials should be taken seriously.

However, I do not believe that General MChrystal’s remarks were insubordinate and I do not believe that he should have been relieved of his command of all American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Rather, while it should be acknowledged that Gen. McChrystal’s comments were inappropriate, for McChrystal to have been relieved of his command at this serious point in the war in Afghanistan is a blow to the military’s effort in Afghanistan and to the morale of the troops.

Further, I believe that McChrystal’s comments may have underscored a growing frustration that military commanders have with the Obama Administration’s prosecution of the counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. McChrystal has been the commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan for almost a year. In that time he has been confronted with a number of decisions by the administration that has added to the problems prosecuting the war in Afghanistan.

I think we can all agree that McChrystal’s comments should not have been allowed to go public, but they represent a bigger problem than Obama’s precious ego. The fact is Obama is letting the situation in Afghanistan deteriorate, and making it hard for our military to properly execute the mission. That put our soldiers at greater risk. Of course they must be frustrated. Obama’s tying the hands of generals on the ground, and one can only imagine what they all must be feeling, especially since January 2009.


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