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I'm Mad as Hell too, Carl…

by on July 21, 2010

But I am not going to vote for you.

No offense, but I can’t join my fellow Western New York Republicans and conservatives in supporting your gubernatorial bid.

Perhaps I’d feel differently if you had a chance of winning. But let’s face it, if you had a chance, I wouldn’t have to write this because the things that bother me about your campaign basically stem from the fact that you don’t act like a serious candidate. You act like a guy with nothing to lose, and it shows. Yes, a candidate who says what he thinks without a filter of countless advisors is refreshing, but so is tact.

Look Carl, we both know your campaign isn’t going anywhere. So why do this? Why force your way on to the GOP ballot, treating Lazio like he’s no different than Cuomo? Your continued presence in the race can only hurt the party’s chances in November… As if Cuomo isn’t going to have an easy enough time already.

The antics that make Western New Yorkers says “That’s Carl” leave people outside our area scratching their heads. Is that a way to wage a campaign? It’s time to get serious Carl.

I’m not just some attack dog. I defended you when the WNYMedia loons posted your emails online and erroneously called you a racist. I recognize that you’ve done more good for Western New York than those clowns could or will ever do collectively in their lifetimes. But, come on, Carl, this campaign is not doing you any good, and will likely just hurt your reputation even more.

Granted, this isn’t just about you. The Tea Party has some fault here too. The purist attitude that has taken over the tea party movement is only hurting us. You attack Rick Lazio as not being conservative enough, or as conservative as you hey guess what? This is New York State, do you really think that the purest conservative will win here?

Yes, some would say “Scott Brown won in Massachusetts…” but guess what? Anyone from Massachusetts (and I lived there my whole life until march 2008) knows that Scott Brown is no hard core conservative. The question Tea Party activists need to ask themselves is whether ideological purism is what should be driving the movement. Maybe some do. But they will not win elections that way. And we won’t win this election if Republicans are tearing each other up when we should be uniting.

And where does that leave us? Conservatives stayed home in 2008, and left us with Obama in the White House. Was it worth staying home “on principle” on election day so that we could have double digit unemployment, two liberal activists put on the supreme court, and a completely incompetent administration that has let relations with Israel and other allies deteriorate, massive government takeovers of the auto industry and health care happen, etc. etc. etc.

America’s greatness is in jeopardy because, in part, due to ideological purism. Are we going to let that happen in New York? A state an verge of bankruptcy? A state plagued by corruption? I’ve met Rick Lazio. He’s got good ideas for this state and I know he’s a far better choice than Cuomo. You should be helping him, not your ego.

We have a choice here. We can only support the self-proclaimed purest hard-core conservatives in all races, regardless of the districts or state’s political tendencies, or we can let the Martha Coakleys, and Barack Obamas keep winning race after race. Will we really win the war if we lose all those battles?

I’d much rather take a small step in the right direction then let the Coakleys, Obamas and Cuomos keep taking us big steps in the wrong direction.

You will be on the primary ballot now. You did what you felt you had to do. But if you are going to call yourself a Republican, then you should be telling your supporters that whoever wins the primary should have their support in the general election. This should be about the future of New York, not your personal crusade.

So, that’s my piece. I am mad as hell too, Carl, and I hope you always remain a loud voice against the corruption in Albany, but I like you more as an activist, not a candidate. On Primary Day, I’m voting for Rick Lazio.

  1. WNY Media is Left-Wing McCarthyism on full display…

  2. Ruling Class moderates of the GOP beware, the Republican Party is nothing more than a vehicle for the conservative revival.

  3. Right to be Heard permalink

    I bet that all people behind WNYMEDIA watch the horse porn video regularly.

  4. I see no one can answer my simple question.

  5. WNYMedia contributors have called everyone from the founding fathers to cartoonist Michael Ramirez a racist. So why would you not pull your favorite arrow out of the quiver for Paladino? You people are like a race baiting Cupid on acid.

  6. steve permalink

    How wrong you are about Lazio. He’s considered a loser in NYS. He never had a chance from the start. Collins would have destroyed him if Lazio’s “people” didn’t plant the lap dance story and called Liz Benjamin after the joke about Silver. Collins took the high road, Lazio coninues on the low road and can’t raise a penny. Carl is serious. He can beat Cuomo. Andrew is affraid of Carl, count on it. And pun-dick. You may of not said it, but its implied. Don’t play games. I didn’t notice a Rangel story on your DEM happy site today. Everyone on vacation?

  7. WNYMedia contributors do not equal “WNYMedia”. I don’t agree with everything Colin Eager writes, nor everything Brian Castner writes.

    Steve – I didn’t write about Rangel because I don’t care about Rangel. He can rot in jail for all I care. hth, pussy.

  8. Buffalopundit,
    How about Chris Smith and Marc Odien?
    Promise not to scrub the fun stuff…

  9. I’m wondering whenever anyone knows what Canada’s immigration prerequisites are. As an older fart, I probably don’t have the “skills” they want. They’ll clearly see that I’m fleeing a unsuccessful country, looking for decent healthcare.

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