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Cuomo and The Ground Zero Mosque

by on July 29, 2010

Does Cuomo really believe that there is nothing he can do to stop the Ground Zero mosque because to prevent it would violate freedom of religion? This has nothing to do with freedom of religion. No one is suggesting the mosque cannot be built elsewhere. The practice of Islam itself has not been banned or restricted.

it is no surprise that the same people who blindly worship Obama and voted for him to prove how “tolerant” they are are beating a similar drum over the Ground Zero mosque. And it’s sadly predictable how they can’t make any legitimate argument in support of the mosque — they have to resort to calling Republicans racists and hatemongers. It is interesting how the same people who manage to find the right to an abortion in the text of the Constitution have also created an new interpretation for freedom of religion.

Restrictions on what can be built and where is nothing new. In fact, in many situations the public actually has alot of power when it comes to allowing and preventing construction in their neighborhoods. Would you tolerate a strip club in your neighborhood? A cigarette advertisement next to the school your children attend? An adult video store on your street? I can’t imagine most would, especially parents. But would Cuomo, or any of the left-wing bloggers crying foul over opposition to the mosque say that zoning laws are anti-free speech? Would they have no problem with the Westboro Baptist Church setting up a congregation at Ground Zero, or next a gay night club? They have freedom of speech and religion too, don’t they?

And let’s not pretend that these left wingers can’t see the legitimate controversy here. Sure, the local left-wing bloggers may say “See, Republicans hate Muslims!” but that’s just a cop out argument, and they know it.

They see this as another opportunity to attack Republicans at the expense of commonsense. Was 9/11 so long ago they forgot that not only was it attack on our country, but it was an attack in the name of Islam? Do they forget that, conveniently ignore it, or does the irony arouse them? Perhaps in their heads it’s poetic justice? Perhaps they don’t care that such a mosque will be a magnet for anti-American Islamic extremists to congregate at the site of what they see as a huge triumph for their cause?

Commonsense needs to prevail here. Freedom is not independent of responsibility.

  1. tiberiuS permalink

    Intersting post on this matter about what Pope John Paul did when confronted with a similar situation

  2. Cordoba House, Manhattan realstate tax exempt status, opening 9-11-2011…

    Niagara River bridge span’s spire interferes with bird migration, gov’t intervention & review…

  3. I just wish Republicans would be as committed in their endorsement of freedom of religion as they are in their endorsement of freedom of the press.

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