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Another Upstate GOP Committee Goes For Paladino

by on August 17, 2010

Interesting news today as the Niagara County GOP became the first local party to rescind its endorsement of Rick Lazio in favor of Carl Paladino.

The endorsement was announced outside Lockport City Hall with a delegation of Niagara County Republicans at Paladino’s side. They included State Sen. George D. Maziarz of Newfane, Lockport Mayor Michael W. Tucker, North Tonawanda Mayor Robert G. Ortt and Wheatfield Supervisor Robert B. Cliffe.

“Niagara County’s endorsement proves confidence is growing among leading Republicans who know it is time to rid Albany of the ruling class and bring good government back to the people of New York,” Paladino said today.

Norris joins four other Republican county chairmen who have endorsed Paladino, and the campaign indicated more leadership endorsements are imminent.

This news, along with two recent endorsments by county GOPs suggests to some a sense of momentum for Paladino’s campaign and a sign of his strength. You could arge that. There might be a hint of truth to it. Polls show he’s improving. But, let’s consider his endorsments.

Carl has, according to the latest count, four County GOP Committees backing him now: Erie, Niagara, Gennesse and Cayuga. If you don’t have a map handy, I can tell you they are all upstate. This is Paladino’s area.  It’s hardly surprising for him to have support from the areas that actually know who he is.

Let me say that I’m not merely trying to poo-poo these endorsements. I am just offering some perpsective…  looking at the big picture. Lazio still has a comfortable lead in the endorsement count.

I’ll support whichever candidate wins the primary, but I am worried that Carl’s efforts are actually dividing the party when it needs to be strengthened. If Carl can prove that he can get support statewide, not just in Western New York and the Finger Lakes Region, then maybe I can put more weight on these recent endorsements.

  1. I do not think Carl’s efforts are dividing the GOP at all. He attacks Cuomo instead of Lazio… 11th commandment.

  2. He attacks Lazio. Look at his Twitter feed.

  3. I stand corrected.
    However, things would have been much more fun if Rudy had decided to run… especially with the Dem mosque debacle.

  4. Very true.

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